Callum Keith Rennie – will star in “Into The Forest” (2015)

. . Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy) has been cast in “Into The Forest”, an apocalypto sci-fi drama that will be released in 2015 and also stars Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood and Max Minghella! “Into the Forest” was based on a novel by Jean Hegland and adapted to screen by Patricia Rozema IMDB procured […]


michelle forbes

Michelle Forbes – Goes to “Powers” Playstation adaptation!

  PlayStation’s upcoming Powers adaptation has cast its two leading roles. District 9 breakout Sharlto Copley and The Killing’s Michelle Forbes are set to star in the long-gestating adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ Image/Icon comic, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Powers revolves around Christian Walker, a cop who works in the Powers division of the […]

Leah Cairns – Convention Schedule Update!

We have added a page and convention appearance for Leah Cairns, Racetrack on Battlestar Galactica. Click to find out more about her appearance at Galacticon IV in Seattle, 2015! All future convention appearances  of Leah’s we’re notified of, will be added to this page.

Leah Cairns as Racetrack

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BSG-M Ice Bucket Challenge – we challenge Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer

We received a facebook message from Emma from Wisconsin (hi!) that she challenged us for the all-too-famous Ice bucket challenge, which is going all around the world in order to raise awareness and donations for ALS. We like a challenge just as much as any other person, so here you go, we did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge […]

James Callis – House By The Lake

Things are about to get is underway for Anvil Entertainment’s House by the Lake, to be directed by genre fav Adam Gierasch (Fractured, Autopsy and Night of the Demons, pictured), sources tell Bloody Disgusting. From a screenplay by Josh Burnell (Boone: The Bounty Hunter), “House by the Lake tells the story of the Morgans, a […]



Richard Hatch / Michael Hogan / Kate Vernon – Star Trek Axanar crowdfund exeeds goal

A new “Star Trek” fan funding campaign has just hit warp speed. The crowdfunding campaign for “Star Trek: Axanar” (starring Richard Hatch, Michael Hogan & Kate Vernon) — a fan-funded “Star Trek” film — has raised more than $200,000, donated through the website Kickstarter, blowing well past the original goal of $100,000. The campaign comes […]

Ronald D. Moore / Bear McCreary – Starz renews “Outlander” for a 2nd season!

WOW, that was fast! After its first episode premiered on the Starz network just a week after its online premiere, Starz is now going ahead with the renewal of “Outlander” for at least another 13 episodes, with the possiblity of an extended order. reports: On the heels of Outlander’s series premiere on Saturday, […]


Tricia Helfer – wants Canada to end cosmetic animal testing!

Two days ago, Tricia Helfer announced her collaboration with Cruelty-Free International by retweeting the following message. Their Goal: to follow in the footsteps of most of Europe, Israel and India to put a full stop to Cosmetic Animal testing in Canada. Cruelty Free Internation has also released a petition where Canadians can show their support. […]


Mary McDonnell – talks to TVline about “Major Crimes” finale & Roslin

TvLine got a chance to sit down with Mary McDonnell about the season finale of Major Crimes, coming up on TNT this Monday. In that same interview, Mary was asked about some of the comparissons and differences between President Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica) and Sharon Raydor (Major Crimes/The Closer). Below is a small excerpt of […]

Mary McDonnell

"Number Six"

Tricia Helfer – 37: A final Promise extended trailer

37: A final promise will be have its theatrical and VOD release on August 8! Starring Scottie Thompson, Tricia Helfer, Kate Nauta, Scott Wolf, Leon Robinson and Bruce Davison, “37″ is a story based on a novel by Guy Blews and focuses on a suicidal rockstar who has big plans for his 37th birthday. Now, […]

Matthew Bennett – Discusses the idea for “Straight Kill”

In this video, just released on Youtube a few hours ago, Matthew Bennett (Cylon Number 5, Aaron Doral) discusses the idea behind the script for Straight Kill!   Find Straight Kill on Youtube by clicking here Find Straight Kill on Twitter by clicking here Find Straight Kill on Facebook by clicking here

Aaron Doral - "Number Five"


Kandyse McClure – Interviewed by NuMode Magazine!

Kandyse McClure was interviewed by NuMode Magazine! An alarm clock blares and she abruptly awakens. Despite her exhausted appearance and the hair stylist’s attempt to give her bed head, Kandyse McClure radiates beauty in her debut scene on Hemlock Grove, a deliciously addicting Netflix Original Series of the Sci-Fi genre. Transcending her undeniable sexual magnetism, McClure […]

Katee Sackhoff / Tricia Helfer – suit up for Kiehl’s LifeRide

Kiehl’s Since 1851 is donating $125,000 to amfAR through the Fourth Annual LifeRide — a nine-day motorcycle trip down the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, July 31 to August 8. Join us for fun events as LifeRide stops at Kiehl’s stores along the way There will also be hand massages and healthy skin […]