David Eick – BATHORY heads to CBS

  Elizabeth Báthory, the 16th century Hungarian countess known for being one of the most gruesome rulers of the European continent (and also the first female serial killer) is getting her own show on CBS. Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick will be co-spearheading production on “Bathory” together with Lionsgate TV and Silver Pictures. Báthory is believed […]



Callum Keith Rennie – Little Pink House

Callum Keith Rennie has joined the cast of the film “Little Pink House”, based on the true story of Susette Kelo. Principal photography will start in Vancouver soon. Susette kelo is a nurse from Connecticut standing up against the establishment to prevent her home from being bulldozed and sold of to billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Also […]

Tricia Helfer – Powers season 2!

Tricia Helfer already hinted it in an earlier tweet, but now it has been confirmed! She’s joining the second season of Playstation’s graphic novel adaptation series “Powers“. Where she’ll take on the role of Special FBI Agent Lange. Lange walks a fine line between the Powers world and the government, and can be both ally and […]

tricia helfer


Kandyse McClure – “Awakening World – On Love”

Sebastian Siegel posted an excerpt of his “Awakening Love” project on VIMEO yesterday. In the excerpt, Kandyse McClure and surfer Makua Rothman talk all about love! Original Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/141360111 Project website: http://www.awakeningworld.us

Michael Hogan – “Fargo” Season 2 TRAILER

Trailer to Fargo season 2, which also stars Michael Hogan! In the second season of FX Channel’s “Fargo”, Michael hogan portrays the role of Otto Gerhardt, a first generation immigrant from Germany who took over his father’s small trucking business. You can find out more about his involvement with the series in this previous article we posted. […]


Screencap: Katee Sackhoff in the Black Ops III trailer

Katee Sackhoff – Call of Duty: Black Ops III trailer   Recently updated !

Katee Sackhoff, together with a.o. Christoper Meloni appears in the trailer for the latest installment of the Call Of Duty: Black Ops gaming franchise! The trailer was released by Treyarch on the official COD youtube channel yesterday (September 30, 2015). The game is expected to drop on all major gaming platforms on November 6. Game synopsis: Black […]

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Michael Trucco – Now also on Facebook!

Michael Trucco has an official facebook page!           . . . . https://www.facebook.com/realmichaeltrucco is where you need to be to give the page a “like” Michael will appear on “Code Black” on November 4th in the episode “In Extremis” on CBS. He will also show up in “The Librarians” on December […]

Jamie Bamber – “Break”

Jamie Bamber has joined the cast of the UK indie film “Break”, the film’s production company Film Engine announced a few days ago. Michael Elkin wrote & directs “Break”, which co-stars Sam Gittins and Terri Dwyer. In the movie, Jamie Bamber will take on the role of Vince Macey! IMDB SYNOPSIS: Spencer Pryde, a gifted snooker […]



Rekha Sharma – “No Men Beyond This Point” teaser!

“No Men Beyond This Point” premiered at Toronto International Film Festival on September 26 and stars Rekha Sharma. The film was written and directed by Mark Sawers and also stars Morgan Taylor Campbell. SYNOPSIS: In a world where women have become asexual and are no longer giving birth to males, a quiet, unassuming housekeeper named Andrew Myers […]

Michael Trucco – “Code Black” and “Hush”

Michael Trucco tweeted earlier today that he’ll be on the CBS show “Code Black”. Code Black is a medical drama series starring Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzman that was based on a documentary by Ryan McGarry. It bases around an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in Los Angeles, California. It premieres on CBS on September 30. . […]



Kandyse McClure – “Just be Yourself” available + trailer!

Kandyse McClure stars in “Just be Yourself”, a short film written and directed by Stuart Davis! Synopsis: A desperate, unemployed man is offered a job to ‘just be himself’. He flounders and fails. But he rises again to take over the company. It’s is a comedy about identity. This short film celebrates one man’s hilarious and surreal awakening. […]

Jamie Bamber / Aleks Paunovic – “Numb” Has a teaser!

The movie “Numb”, starring BSG alumni Jamie Bamber and Aleks Paunovic has a teaser! The teaser was released exclusively to the Whistler Film Festival, where “Numb” will celebrate its North American premiere. The festival takes place December 2 – 6, 2015. “Numb” will also be competing for the Borsos Prize. The exact date for the screening will […]

Alek Paunovic is "Lee", Jamie Bamber is "Will" on set of "Numb" - © Steve Denault, photo used with permission


Jamie Bamber – Returns to NCIS!

Jamie Bamber returns to “NCIS” in the series’ 13th season as Jake Malloy, husband to NCIS team member Ellie Bishop. “NCIS” introduced more of Bishop’s husband Jake Malloy last season when he struck up a surprising friendship with Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who needed his help tracking down a Russian assassin. Much of their relationship history still […]

Edward James Olmos – “Urban Cowboy” series regular

Edward James Olmos will be a series regular on the new FOX series “Urban Cowboy”. The show will be a modern, serialized reimagination of the original 1980’s “Urban Cowboy” film with John Travolta and Debra Winger. He will portray the role of Alfonso Robles, a former Mexican Cartel hitman-turned-upper-level-manager who moves to Texas. Now a husband […]


© Longmire/Netflix - from the official facebook page

Katee Sackhoff – A Look into “Longmire” Season 4: A New Netflix Home, Vic’s new life, second chances and Callum Keith Rennie! A BSGM Exclusive 3

When A&E decided to cancel “Longmire” after its third season – one of its top scripted series averaging 5.6 million viewers every week – its showrunners at Warner Horizon Television wasted no time in finding the Absaroka County Sheriff’s Department a new home. Fan campaigns (“stampedes”) were organized, its cast and crew took to social media […]

Grace Park – Hawaii Five-0 season 6 teaser trailer!

The hit series “Hawaii Five-0”, starring Grace Park will debut its sixth season on September 25 (9/8C) In light of that, and the fifth season’s exciting finale, CBS has released a first teaser and it looks like Grace Park’s character Kono is in for some trouble. There are guns, pirates and flashbacks going on, so […]


Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie – “Born to Be Blue” TIFF teaser!

Callum Keith Rennie stars in “Born to be Blue”, a Chet Baker biopic co-starring Ethan Hawke! For the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), this teaser was released to Variety earlier today, about a week ahead of its TIFF premiere on September 13! Callum Keith Rennie portrays the role of Chet’s manager and producer, Dick Bock. Following […]