Edward James Olmos – Obregon Medal Of Honor memorial monument

Edward James Olmos is on the front lines for those who have served and is helping the Obregon/CMH foundation build a monument for Congressional Medal of Honor recipients of latino descent! The mission of the Obregon/CMH Foundation is to finance and construct a monument honoring the 40 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients of Latino descent. The […]



Luciana Carro – Six Gun Savior

. . Luciana Carro, who played Kat on Battlestar Galactica, will appear in the Sci-Fi western drama Six Gun Savior. The film, currently in post production, is slated to be released on April 1, 2015. IMDB synopsis: When Lane McCrae confronts the outlaw that murdered his family, the battle leaves him fatally wounded. He is visited […]

Katee Sackhoff – Longmire picked up by Netflix, Vic The Terror returns!

Fans of Longmire, the (former A&E network) show starring Katee Sackhoff, which was cancelled late August by the network due to its core viewer demographic, exhaled a big sigh of relief when on November 19 at 3.30 PM (PT) an ongoing rumor became official and it was announced that the show got a new life on […]

Longmire Season 2

(c) Matador Pictures - No Easy Days art

Michael Hogan – No Easy Days

Michael Hogan has signed up for No Easy Days, a series by Matador Pictures, slated to come out May 10, 2015 (unknown Network) “No Easy Days” was filmed in the U.K, Canada and the US and also stars Sean Brosnan, Peter Outerbridge, Alix Sideris, Eva Link and Al Sapienza. It was written by Jonathan Westwood. A short synopsis: The President’s daughter is kidnapped and held […]

Leah Cairns – Support Coded, a new webseries!

Leah Cairns – Racetrack on Battlestar Galactica – is on a roll and has a new gig! After taking to the big screen with Interstellar, Cairns is slated to act on Coded. Coded is a story that might ring close to home to a lot of people because who hasn’t been impacted by that one teacher before? […]


(c)Katee Sackhoff's twitter page

Katee Sackhoff – working on “Girl Flu”

In recent days, Katee Sackhoff has been posting photos on her twitter account related to a project called “Girl Flu”, where she plays the role of Jenny. Even though not much is known about this project, here’s a synopsis from slated.com, where it’s listed to come out in 2015 Bird, a smart, 12 year old […]

Michael Hogan – “Blood & Snow” PLUS IndieGoGo

Michael Hogan – Colonel Saul Tigh on BSG – has attached himself to “Blood and Snow”, a Science-Fiction horror film which is currently gathering funds via IndieGogo. Synopsis from IndieGoGo: Blood and Snow is a Horror Thriller creature feature film set in Alaska at a lonely ex- military research station, where 5 scientists discover something […]


Glen A. Larson 

Glen A. Larson – Creator of Battlestar Galactica passes away at 77

We, at the Battlestar Galactica Museum, are saddened to learn of the passing of Glen A. Larson at age 77. As the creator of the Battlestar Galactica universe, there is no doubt we would not have been here if it wasn’t for him and his work. Larson, also known for other shows such as Knight […]

Katee Sackhoff – Tell has a trailer!

Orion Pictures released a first trailer to Katee Sackhoff’s new movie “Tell” today! Slated for release in December 2014, here’s the official Orion Pictures Synopis: Small-time crook Ethan Tell makes a big-time score when he and his wife succeed in pulling off a million dollar heist, while also leaving their co-conspirators with nothing. But Ethan’s […]



Jamie Bamber – “Before I Sleep” has a trailer!

Jamie Bamber’s 2013 movie “Before I Sleep” by Indican Pictures has a trailer! The IMDB Synopsis: Eugene Devlin, a once famous, now reclusive poet, searches through his past, looking for redemption and peace. “Before I Sleep” also stars  David Warner, Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts and  Chevy Chase. It was written & directed by Aaron and Billy Sharff. Go […]

Tahmoh Penikett / Edward James Olmos / Michael Hogan – Convention Schedule Update!

Milwaukee Awesome Con was unfortunately cancelled and has been removed from Tahmoh Penikett’s convention page! Click for more info & an official statement from the organizers. Michael Hogan has an added appearance at Denver Comic Con 2015! Click for more! Edward James Olmos has an added appearance at Madison Comic Con (WizardWorld)! Check his schedule […]

Awesome Con

James Callis – Narcopolis has a trailer!

Altitude Film has released a first trailer for Narcopolis, a movie starring James Callis! Synopis: NARCOPOLIS is a fast thriller set in a futuristic city where the manufacture and use of all recreational drugs is legal. An elite unit, created by an over-stretched police force, works to keep the black market dealers off the streets and […]



Tricia Helfer – SYFY released Ascension featurette!

SYFY released this 3.25 minute featurette about their upcoming show Ascension, starring Tricia Helfer & Ryan Robbins. Ascension premieres December 15-17 on the SYFY channel and could be up for a longer season if the ratings support that decision.

Aaron Douglas – “Snicker-Snack: Monster stories to cower by!” available

Aaron Douglas is a man of many trades! Talaria press has just released a brand-new anthology of 7 stories, including the Authorial debut of Aaron Douglas. Other stories in the Anthology are by Garth Seasby, H.L. Reasby, Quiana Kirkland & Martin Shiller. At the moment, the Kindle version is available on Amazon, with a paperback […]


Ronald D. Moore – “Helix” Season 2 has a teaser trailer

The following teaser to Ronald D. Moore’s show “Helix” was released on Spoiler TV earlier this week The first season of Helix aired on syfy last year and also starred Luciana Carro, the second season starts off January 16 on Syfy channel!


Photo by Amanda Pearl

Tricia Helfer – Suits up for “Suits”

The Battlestar Galactica alum is set to guest-star on USA Network’s legal hit as an adversary to Mike and Harvey (and possibly more for the latter). Helfer will play Evan Smith, Mike and Harvey’s opposing counsel in a huge class action case. Although the two sides exchange blows, Harvey’s first instinct may be to exchange […]