Edward James Olmos / Aaron Douglas / Tricia Helfer / James Callis & Fedcon – An Overview and Impressions of a Beautiful Weekend!   Recently updated !

Beautiful Düsseldorf once again housed Germany’s most popular sci-fi convention over the weekend. FEDCON, a 4-day convention where fans of several genres could relive their favorite TV moments with the actors that played them and where they can cosplay their favorite characters in an environment of like-minded spirits!   The best way to describe FEDCON […]

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Alessandro Juliani – Nominated for 2015 Jessie Awards!

Alessandro Juliani was nominated for the 2015 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards (“Jessie Awards”) in the category of “Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition” for his work on the play “Saint Joan” by the Arts Club Theatre Company. The nominees were announced yesterday at the Jessie Nominations Party held on Tuesday, May 19th at the Vancouver TheatreSports League […]



Katee Sackhoff – “Don’t Knock Twice” horror thriller

Variety was the first to report that Katee Sackhoff will star in the horror thriller “Don’t Knock Twice”! “Don’t Knock Twice” is based on an urban legend about a woman who goes to great lenghts to save her estranged daughter. she attempts to uncover the terrifying truth behind the urban legend of a vengeful, demonic witch. It was […]


James Callis – “You Never Can Tell” theatre this weekend!

James Callis will star in George Bernard Shaw’s theater production “You Never Can Tell” from May 14 – May 17 at the James Bridges Theater (UCLA, Melnitz Hall) in Los Angeles, California! The production is directed by Rosalind Ayres and tickets range from $15-$60. Synopsis (by LA Theatre Works): in George Bernard Shaw’s response to […]

Michael Hogan / Callum Keith Rennie – Nominated for 2015 LEO Awards!

Battlestar Galactica alums Michael Hogan and Callum Keith Rennie have both been nominated for the 2015 LEO awards! The Leo Awards are the awards program for the British Columbia film and television industry and they are a Project of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia. The awards will take place between June […]



Grace Park – “Hawaii Five-O” officially renewed by CBS

After a long & tedious wait for official word on the fate of “Hawaii Five-O”, TVLine reports today that the network has now officially picked it up for a sixth season! Five-O was amoung more than a dozen shows that were renewed by the network, after being listed as “on the bubble” for most of […]

Edward James Olmos – “The Art of Living”

Edward James Olmos will star in “The Art of Living”, a movie by Christopher Templeton that will be filmed in Colombia. EJO will be joined by  Jimmy Smits, Efren Ramirez and Anamaria Marinca. IMDB synopsis: It’s 1995. Wrongfully convicted at 17 years of age, Michael Alvarez has now spent twelve years on Illinois’s Death Row for the killing […]


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Michelle Forbes – “Powers” renewed for a 2nd season

“Powers”, the first scripted series by the Playstation Network, starring Michelle Forbes, got a green light for a second season. The news was confirmed by Hollywood Reporter. Powers, based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic, stars Sharlto Copley as a cop who works in the Powers division of the police force and deals with crimes involving […]

Edward James Olmos – El Americano has a trailer!

El Americano, an Animated Feature and collaboration between the Mexican Animex Producciones, Olmos Productions and Phil Roman Entertainment. The movie follows the story of a young Mexican parrot Cuco whose family’s circus is threatened by bullies. To save the circus, he heads to the United States to enlist the help of El Americano, the superhero star of […]



Michael Hogan – To star in Official “Twilight” Shortfilm

Michael Hogan has been announced to star in an offical Twilight Shortfilm (mini movie) produced by Stephanie Meyer, “The Storytellers – New Voices of the Twilight Saga” Prior to shooting the minimovies, budding female directors could enter a competition to pitch their version of what their Twilight film would look like. Now, 6 directors have been […]

Richard Hatch – “The Dark Zone” kickstarter campaign

Richard Hatch – Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, and Tom Zarek in the reimagined version – is part of “The Dark Zone”, a movie written by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves. Synopsis: A group of jewel thieves have plans to escape via secret underground passages between U.S. and Mexico, but the caper goes sour in the tourist […]

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Tricia Helfer, Kurt Yaeger, Christopher Reed & Katee Sackhoff at the Tulip Ride Screening - iPic Theater, Seattle

© Tulip Ride

Katee Sackhoff / Tricia Helfer – Charities, Tulips, Battlestar Galactica!

The 2015 Tulip Ride has come and gone. The charity ride rode out on April 18 and was followed by a Battlestar Galactica Screening of the episodes “33” and “Downloaded”. in the early morning of April 19! Also in attendance were Acting Outlaws – Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff, and Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Yaeger […]

Aaron Douglas – Builds Battlestar Galactica Models with Adam Savage

Aaron Douglas joined Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”) for a one-on-one Battlestar Galactica building session for One Day Builds. He also shares some BSG memories! You can check it out in the following video (from the official TESTED youtube channel) “Who better to help build Cylons than the Chief himself!”


Katee Sackhoff – Writes, produces and stars in “Rain” 1

Earlier this year, Katee Sackhoff hinted of a possible launch for her very own science fiction project, then unnamed. A tweet hinted she was close to a development deal. One step closer today to selling the new TV show I created! I can’t wait for U guys to hear about this thing! I’ve missed smart […]