13th Tribe/Cylon Earth

Cylon EarthName: Earth
Ancient name: Earth
Alternative Name: Cylon Earth/The Thirteenth Tribe of Kobol

Patron God: The One True (Cylon) God
Population:  ? (at least 5)
Capital: /
Star system: ?

Other known locations:

– /

Main educational institutions:


Pyramid Teams: 

– /

(Cylon) Earth Facts:

– Earth was believed to be mostly a myth until Starbuck and the Final Five Cylons took the fleet there
– Earth was inhabited by Cylons, the humanoid variety
– Much like the Colonies, Cylon Earth was completely destroyed and its people annihilated by nuclear bombs which were dropped during a rebellion of Cylon Earth’s robotic creations


– Earth is mentioned often as the 13th (and lost) Tribe of civilization in the Sacred Scrolls of Pythia
– According the scrolls, the exodus of the 13th Tribe of Humanity began on Kobol more than 4.000 years prior to the Cylon War
– The Final Five Cylons are all from (Cylon) Earth, they are responsible for Cylon Ressurection

People you might know:

– Samuel T. Anders
– Saul Tigh
– Ellen Tigh
– Galen Tyrol
– Tory Foster