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Acting Outlaws

we’ve put up a page dedicated to Tricia Helfer & Katee Sackhoff’s “Acting Outlaws”.

Of course, is still your nO1 go-to place for all things, we just hope to make a difference by supporting them any way we can.

Click the AO logo to go to the page

Acting Outlaws logo

once you’re there, don’t forget to go to the “news” page as well!

Savannah & Seattle

These two brave little girls are doing a fundraiser and Leah Cairns and Mary McDonnell are helping them out!

On this dedicated page, you’ll find videos of both Leah & Mary, updates to the girls’ conditions and fundraiser links where you can help them out both financially and by going the extra mile!

click the girls’ photo to continue to Savannah & Seattle’s page


Once you’re there, click the image there as well to continue!

Nice Troll Movement

An online movement against on-and offline bullying.

Click their logo to continue


Once you’re there, click the logo again to go to the news section!

About BSGM

If people would like to know more about the Battlestar Galactica Museum, you can find a short FAQ, the website disclaimer and everything you need to know by clicking the BSGM logo

BSGM Logo png

BSGM staff

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