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BSG: Triad Cards

BSG: Triad Cards

something you probably heard Starbuck or any of the other Galactica crew say while they were playing a poker-style card game with its typical hexagonan shaped cards.

The game they were playing? Triad!

During the filming of the re-imagined series, there was no official rule book for the game so the actors improvised most of its rules before – or during filming.

Anovos – the company which is officially licenced to produce BSG-prop replicas – brought out a prop version of the Triad card deck.

52 card (plus 2 retro Cylon Jokers) Triad card set, as seen on Battlestar Galactica. It is replicated after the show’s actual prop used on set. The cards were designed to model after a normal deck of cards, complete with suits and enumeration. With instructions included.

While there is still no official rule book for Triad (most people who own a deck, use it for poker) – here’s a few known winning hands.

– “Full Colors” – Highest winning hand
– “Prince High Red” – not really sure, but definatly higher than “Three Up”
– “Three Up” – Less than “Prince High Red”, but kind of a big hand to have
– “Three On A Run” – unknown



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  • Nurhanisah

    I agree. It’s gone from a riveting Sci-Fi pagrrom to a whiny soap opera.I hate it when they do that stuff.I’d like to see a Star Trek Academy based show. It would give the opportunity to have episodes in any Trek timeline from the beginning of the Academy to Kirks time to something FAR in to the future featuring the Time Corps. It would allow new young (read sexy) faces to come and go and guest spots by any of the beloved characters form shows past.Sadly I can see how they’d turn in into Star Trek 90210 and focus on who is sleeping with who and alien babies blah blah blah.