Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

OPINION PIECE: Science Fiction V. Realism – Clash of the Titans?

When we ask people why they like Battlestar Galactica (or shows alike), one of the comments we hear most of all on this website/twitter/facebook is people telling us they enjoy watching it “because of the show’s realism and because of the true-to-life interactions the characters have with one another.” The other side of the coin […]

Katee Sackhoff “Oculus” DVD release date – August 5!

The time is nigh! “Oculus” finally gets a DVD release date and is available on Amazon.com pre-sale! The horror flick, which stars Sackhoff as Marie, received raving reviews and will be released August 5, 2014, according to newdvdreleases.com! newDVDreleases Synopis: It all begins in a haunted house that has a mysterious mirror hanging in the […]