Aaron Douglas – “Snicker-Snack: Monster stories to cower by!” available


Talaria Press Anthology, click to go to AMAZON for purchase

Aaron Douglas is a man of many trades! Talaria press has just released a brand-new anthology of 7 stories, including the Authorial debut of Aaron Douglas. Other stories in the Anthology are by Garth Seasby, H.L. Reasby, Quiana Kirkland & Martin Shiller.

At the moment, the Kindle version is available on Amazon, with a paperback expected to be released very soon. 

Amazon Book Description: Talaria Press knows that some of your favorite characters will always be monsters. Be they friendly or fearsome, dear or deadly, they fascinate humanity and call to a primal element of our nature. Inspired by their power to terrorize and captivate, we present Snicker-Snack, Monster Stories to Cower By.  Within these pages, you’ll meet werewolves and vampires, and monsters that lurk under the bed– or sometimes lie in them. Curious readers may find out just what moved in the corner of their vision, or where their nightmares come from. Lured into the light by the magic of Talaria’s writers, Snicker-Snack introduces some of the monsters that lurk in our imaginations:  In The Reconquista, Martin Schiller shows us what happens when the monsters we drove out find a way back into our world.


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