Edward James Olmos – Obregon Medal Of Honor memorial monument

Edward James Olmos is on the front lines for those who have served and is helping the Obregon/CMH foundation build a monument for Congressional Medal of Honor recipients of latino descent!

The mission of the Obregon/CMH Foundation is to finance and construct a monument honoring the 40 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients of Latino descent. The sponsors of this effort feel that the sacrifices these heroes made for our freedoms and democratic ideals have never been recognized. Even U.S.-born Latinos are largely unaware that service to our country has been an important part of the Latino tradition dating back to the American Revolution when the armed forces of the Spanish governor of Louisiana engaged the British Army and Navy in three major battles and decisively defeated them, thus aiding General George Washington’s small and under-equipped army.



Check out their website for more info!

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