Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

the plan


Debuting in late 2009 after the TV series ended, “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan” is a two-hour movie that at first glance appears to be a prequel but actually runs concurrently to the series. The plan captures the extermination of the human race in the bombing of Caprica and other cities in the original miniseries. However, the survival of a hardy band of humans means the Cylons need to finish the job in a much more intimate fashion, and no. 1 gathers a meeting of Cylons to figure out how to accomplish it.

While much of the action is revisited from key moments (and reused footage) from the series, there are some new angles. Anders  escapes the initial nuclear attack and participates in a resistance movement against the Cylons, and no. 4, is conflicted by his mission because he’s married to a human. Note that the movie has spoilers for those who haven’t watched the TV series to its end.

Directed by:

Edward James Olmos

Written by: 

Jane Espenson




Edward James Olmos – William Adama
Dean Stockwell – Brother Cavil
Michael Trucco – Samuel Anders
Grace Park –  Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii
Michael Hogan – Colonel Saul Tigh
Aaron Douglas – Chief Galen Tyrol
Callum Keith Rennie – Leoben Conoy
Kate Vernon – Ellen Tigh
Rick Worthy – Simon
Lymari Nadal – Giana O’Neill
Matthew Bennett – Aaron Doral
Rekha Sharma – Tory Foster
Tricia Helfer – Number Six / Shelly Godfrey

Full credits list on The Plan‘s IMDB page

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