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The People behind PROJEKT EXODUS sent out the following press release today, regarding their educational Battlestar Galactica Live-Action RPG (LARP), which will take place in a Naval Vessel at the Navy-Museum of Wilhelmshaven in Germany from February 4th to February 8th, 2015!


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Press release:

Education-project turns destroyer “Mölders” into spaceship

Under the lead of the basa e.V. (Bildungsstätte Alte Schule Anspach) the destroyer “Mölders” at the Navy-Museum of Wilhelmshaven in Germany will be turned into the space-freighter “Hesperios”. Complete with elaborate redecoration, professional costumes and props as well as a computer controlled light- and sound-system the crew will stage a massive educational role playing experience for up to 80 participants from February 4th to February 8th, 2015. The setting and storyline are inspired by the rebooted“Battlestar Galactica” TV show form 2004. The project is founded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Live Action Role-play (LARP) is an innovative and highly interactive form of performing arts with no audience. Instead the participants are part of the events and can influence the story through their actions, participation as well as their portrayal of a chosen character.

Through this the players themselves are creating their own personal story.

In northern Europe live action role-play is not something that is only played for fun. It also has a high significance in education and science. Even in Germany this method of non-formal education is gaining more and more importance. The basa e.V. is developing innovative game-concepts, primarily to raise the awareness for political subjects in otherwise educational or political alienated participants since 2004

The “Mölders” is an extraordinary location and will help to create a unique experience for the players.

In the depths of the confined spaces inside the redecorated ship players will experience a story controlled and pushed by a team of game-masters adopting the story to the actions of the players in real time. This turns the decommissioned destroyer into the space-freighter “Hesperios” on its way home from a dubious charter-flight when they pick up the emergency beacon of an escape-pod. What starts as a single catastrophe will soon turn out to be only the harbinger of the apocalypse. The colonies of man fall in the fight with the Cylons. The conflictual group aboard the Hesperios will become survivors and prisoners. Surrounded by 4,400 tons of steel separating them from the cold emptiness of space and their pursuers. Trust, security and comfort are luxuries of a bygone time.

Projekt Exodus picks up questions of security vs. freedom, trust and humanity in times of great peril and fear. Adding the contemporary highly discussed political subject of refugees. On this basis the players will get to experience problems of our society from a complete new viewpoint. They will be confronted with new situation and impressions that will leave a lasting mark on their thinking. After the game the experiences of the participants will be jointly thought out and evaluated The project is supported by the long time partner Waldritter e.V. and the companion live role-play organization “Twelve Colonies”.

Visitor-Day On Sunday February 8th, 2015 the Mödlers will be open for regular museums tours – while the ship is still converted into the “Hesperios”. This way any interested guest can get a glimpse of the elaborate work done on board the ship. There will be a few customized crew members on board to support the mood of the game. This “Spaceship Doors Open Day” costs only the normal entry fee of the museum (11,50 for adults, 5 for children € € over the age of 6, children under the age of 6 are free of charge)


Here are some promotional photos for the PROJEKT EXODUS LARP Mission (click to enlarge!)
photography by Norman Liebhold & Dennis Lange, Graphics by Armin Saß – All photos used with permission!


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