Katee Sackhoff – (UPDATED!) Power/Rangers Restored + Exclusive behind-the-scenes Photos

Yes, we did just quote Alpha in our title! With over 12 million Youtube hits in just over 48 hours, Power/Rangers by producer Adi Shankar and director Joseph Kahn became an overnight internet sensation and succes.


click for some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos


The dark & gritty short film starring James Vanderbeek and Katee Sackhoff also caught the attention of Saban, the propriety owners of the Power Rangers brand. While the fan film was “Vimeo’s staff pick of the day“, it was also removed from the same site a few hours later because Saban had claimed copyright.

Vimeo later released the following statement:

This was actually included in the ending credits of the fan film Power/Rangers Naamloos                                                          . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fans of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and its spin-offs received the film with mixed reviews. Some felt it was too far off the original, some saw it as a highly original “what if“-story. However, Amy Jo Johnson, the original Kimberly Pink took to twitter and facebook to congratulate the cast for a job well done. Jason David Frank (Original Tommy) was approached by production to join but has mixed emotions about the R-ratedness of the film.  

In the mean time, non-Power Rangers fan reviews seem generally in favor of Power/Rangers and are wondering why Saban is making such a big deal on a (non-profit, privately funded) film that is putting such a major spotlight on a franchise generally looked over by the mainstream media. With the upcoming Lionsgate Power Rangers feature film announced for 2016, it would appear to us that any publicity is good publicity and might bring back an audience that has long forgotten the Power Rangers since their original 1993 release. Let’s face it, we all felt a hint of nostalgia while watching Power/Rangers, regardless of how well it matched the source material.

Joseph Kahn, director of Power/Rangers sent us some exclusive behind-the-scenes stills of Katee Sackhoff. If you haven’t yet clicked above, check them out:

(Click Next, go to Flickr for full size)

If you haven’t seen the fan film Power/Rangers, we strongly encourage you to do so (still a warning for strong language & content)

We would like to thank Joseph Kahn for providing us with the behind-the-scenes stills!

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Unfortunatly, it seems as though Youtube has also taken down the film due to a copyright claim by Saban!


An Agreement between Saban & Adi Shankar has been reached! Both the NSFW & the SFW version of Power/Rangers have been restored on YOUTUBE (SFW) and VIMEO! (NSFW)


Here’s a Making-Off video that was posted on Youtube!

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