Tricia Helfer / Michael Trucco – Join “Conman”!

More names have been announced for the IndieGoGo funded project “Conman” (a project launched by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion!)

helfer_truccoAccording to information received by; Michael Trucco and Tricia Helfer are joining the cast as well!

From the Conman IndieGogo Page: The series is a light-hearted take on the personalities, luminaries, and characters in the sci­fi community we are privileged to call ourselves members. Con Man is a way to share some of the surreal occurrences we have had, while telling the story of a guy learning to love and embrace his fans.

Other names added to the cast list are: The Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney, Terminator 2: Judgement Day‘s Robert Patrick, Austin Powers‘ Mindy Sterling, Uncharted‘s Nolan North, and Supernatural‘s Samantha Smith!

The crowdfund for Conman has 12 days remaining on the clock, you can support them by clicking here

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