Leah Cairns – “Coded” wins STORYHIVE production grant!

The webseries “Coded”, which we have covered previously, has earned enough votes through storyhive.com to earn them a production grant of 50,000 dollars!

In Coded, Leah Cairns will portray the role of main character Shae’s love interest. Someone she described as being “The Slutty Mom Character” in an earlier tweet.

With the STORYHIVE grant, the Coded team will get to make an additional 5 episodes, as per this article released earlier this month, which also elaborates on the further production process. Episodes are slated to finish production by July 10.







Writer and creator of the show, Steve Neufeld, took to the Coded Facebook page with the following message to express his gratitude:

Thank you STORYHIVE voters!It’s official!!! Coded has been awarded a $50K grant from STORYHIVE–thank you everyone!! Here’s a shoutout from our creator and writer Steve Neufeld

Posted by Coded on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Congratulations to the entire Coded-team!

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