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We want to start off by saying that we do a lot of these types of events. Whether it be signing events, or full-weekend themed conventions. Of course, not all of them are Battlestar Galactica related. We have also been going to these DSCN3790events much longer than we’ve had the pleasure of having this website. Just to say that we have had our share of convention experiences ranging from frakkin’ awesome, to really, really bad.

The following will strictly be an account of how we experienced Galacticon. We know that many of you might feel different about it. You might fully agree or disagree (if you do, you can always let us know via twitter, facebook or via the comments section below). We admittedly had to let this simmer down a bit before we could make a somewhat accurate account of what happened.

What was delivered

Considering what happened in the hours before we left for Seattle, we went into this weekend with the greatest trepidations.

The Galacticon that was put on by the volunteers who took over after management left was…actually pretty great from our point of view. Did everyone know not everything was perfect, yes they did. HOWEVER everyone who busted their butts off to get the people AS MUCH of a good time and what was promised to them as possible, really tried their best and generally really succeeded. Have we gotten everything? No, we did not. Did we have a really good time? Yes we did. Where all the actors that were there – all of them; whether they are NuBSG, Original BSG or non-BSG –  doing their best to make the very, very best out of a bad situation? Yes, they were!

DSCN3240We’ve said this over and over again during the weekend, it felt like a very intimate first-time convention that was pushed into the deep-end two days before the actual con. We went up to quite a lot of the volunteers to thank them in person, but if we haven’t: THANK YOU! This was NOT their fault, blame the right people, not the people who tried cleaning up their mess that was left behind with such a short time to fix the wrongs.

Everyone who attended the convention, whether it be as a customer, a vendor or as an announced guest (Michael Trucco, Leah Cairns), tried their very best to make the most out of the situation. Those who were “reinvited” and showed up (Luciana Carro, Richard Hatch). Also a special note of gratitude and appreciation to the actors – Aaron Douglas and Nicki Clyne – that were no longer attending but went out of their way to make special arrangements so that fans could still meet them. (#MakingLemonade). And also: Edward James Olmos, Tahmoh Penikett, Grace Park, Kate Vernon, Michael Hogan, Rekha Sharma and Kandyse McClure and everyone affected by what happened at Galacticon: we don’t like to speak for “the group”, but we think, in this case, we can collectively say that we wish none of this had happened to you and everyone was excited to meeting you. The many emails in our mailbox, tweets and face-to-face conversations we’ve had throughout our time in Seattle can attest to this.

DSCN3086Thanks to all those who attended and who gave so graciously for Savannah and Seattle, which brought tears to our eyes. Thanks for all the people we’ve met who made this weekend one of the most amazing weekends we’ll have in quite some time!

In all honesty, this weekend COULD HAVE BEEN a disaster..; thanks to all those mentioned above, it was actually a pretty great little con from a visitors-boots-on-the-ground point of view

What was promised

In all honesty to everyone, we couldn’t leave this part out. We also let Rex Mundi management know we wouldn’t leave this out long before this post was made. This was a convention we had been looking forward to for the better part of 2 years. Up to a few hours before we were supposed to catch our flight to Seattle, this was going to be one of the largest BSG reunion conventions known to date.

We had seen the several angry tweets made by Aaron Douglas but – like many – we hoped there had been a mistake somehow, maybe even a strange sort of promotional stunt the organizers tried to pull off? Word was that most of the BSG RDM cast had been pulled off the roster.
Then they started pouring in: private messages on facebook, emails, twitter messages,… Some of them were confirming what was going on [some quoting the aforementioned tweets, others came from sources closer to the convention], others were looking for answers just as much as we were. At one point a little later in the game, we received a list of names – all of which were dubbed to be “cancelled by the convention”. Not often have we seen such a deafening silence from the official source (in this case: Galacticon/Rex Mundi) while the (paying) customer was left to their own device. All the frustration, anger, anxiety and uncertainty of the public was left unanswered. The more than 2500 emails that reached our inbox RE: Galacticon spoke volumes. We can safely say that during those first few hours, we spent most of our convention prep-time doing the work that the people of Rex Mundi were supposed to be doing: finding out and informing people about what was going on.

A fitting Battlestar Galactica quote: “There comes a time when you can’t hide from the things you’ve done anymore” (~ Adama)

DSCN3797Special Occasion; Savannah and Seattle UNITED

For a long time, we have been following Savannah and Seattle via the (separate and collective) blogs of their families. They have been featured in the “causes” section of this website since its conception. We have been amazed by their bravery, enjoyed their playfulness and kept them in our thoughts during trying times. Like many people across the globe, we walked for them in the hopes of getting them united on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
Seeing the girls (really, really!) united for the first time at Galacticon was one of the highlights for us. Not just a convention highlight, but it’s a moment we will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives. Sitting and talking to them and their loved ones brought so much joy to our teeny-tiny hearts that we were left speechless on more than one occasion throughout the weekend. During the convention weekend, no less than 5473 dollars was raised to benefit Savannah and Seattle. We cannot say this enough: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In Hindsight

DSCN3367It is safe to say that Rex Mundi/Galacticon did not deliver what was promised. One can understand an actor having to pull out of an event because of work commitments. What people find more difficult to process, is when eleven of the main crowd-pullers are cancelled upon without much of an explanation. When the explanation did come, it didn’t come from the accounts of Rex Mundi, it didn’t come from the official Galacticon accounts – it came from the personal/like account of Mr. Daniel Allan – even though the CEO of Rex Mundi, also not an account followed by that many  people. Changing your explanation from “I did it for the integrity of the show” to “There was a problem with the blocked hotel rooms” doesn’t sit well with customers and raises more questions than it answers. And – even though we don’t know how Komo News verified this story – if at a later point in time a former Rex Mundi employee states that a “talent cut list” was created over 3 months before, it’s time to address the situation properly.
Daniel Allen did release the “official Galacticon refund policy” on his facebook page earlier last week.

We’d like to conclude by saying that the Battlestar family, both its cast and its fans, have always been a tight-knit group of people. You can see it on the actor twitter feeds, you can see it at events like these, or when you find one another in groups or at other events. In the end of it all, it were the volunteers – equally fans of the show – who made things work, and it were the talent and the fans who made this a great little show.

*NOTE: We reached out to Daniel Allen and the people of Galacticon to get an answer to the questions most people have. At the time of publishing this article; these questions remained unanswered however we were promised a reply within a few weeks. We will update this article if an answer is received*

For those who couldn’t be there

Galacticon Full Sunday panel with the BSG cast:

Leah Cairns gets reacquainted with her own flightsuit:

Battlestar Galactica Shootout – Family Feud Style – with Leah Cairns and Luciana Carro

More fun stuff (interviews!) coming up soon!



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5 thoughts on “Galacticon – A Look Inside The Promise of a Battlestar Galactica Reunion and Making Lemonade.

  • Lisa Giller

    Well written article ladies! And a great site. Such a shame things went down the way it did. Hoping and praying someone will step in and make a new BSG con with the great guwst line up that was meant to be G4.

  • geneva schult

    Great article. You summed up the experience nicely. As far as someone stepping up and running a show like it should be run, that’ll be somebody with deep pockets. You have to pay for so much upfront — hotel rooms, airplane tickets, per diems for each actor. You have to pay for the venue. And this event was not advertised — that takes money too. If it had been advertised (the reddit BSG has over 17,000 members, right?) we might have sold more than 600 tickets in advance. I think that’s why the actors were cut — there was no advance sales ticket pool from which to pay them.