Rekha Sharma – “After love, life” reading

Rekha Sharma will participate in a reading of “After love, Life” in Vancouver on September 16, 1.30PM! The play is part of the Ruby Slippers theatre & equity group’s “Advance Theatre: New Works by Women” season production at the False Creek Gym, Vancouver.

General Information (from the leaflet)

Playwright: Colleen Ann FeeRekha_Sharma
Directed by Tammy Bentz
What happens when you lose the
love of your life? After Love, Life
dramatizes the transformative journey
from grief to joy, with life-affirming
lyricism, heartbreak, comedy, and
music, featuring a multigenerational
ensemble of characters—the doubtful,
the survivor, the unlucky, the samesex,
the guilty, the self-inflicted, the
forever, the amorous, and the fiddler—
drawn from Vancouver’s rich cultural
diversity, portrayed by its favourite


Tickets are available at the door only and are pay-what-youcan with a suggested rate of $5 to $10.

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