Jamie Bamber / Aleks Paunovic – “Numb” has a trailer!

numb aleks steve denault“Numb”; the thriller starring Jamie Bamber and Aleks Paunovic has a trailer!

Synopsis: When a couple in financial distress discover GPS coordinates that promise to lead to stolen gold they must partner with a pair of mysterious hitchhikers to enter the remote winter wilderness to recover the coins.

Written by Andre Harden and directed by Jason R. Goode; “Numb” stars Jamie Bamber, Aleks Paunovic and Marie Avgeropoulos; It was filmed in British Columbia and premiered in the US film circuit at the Whistler film festival.It will be showing at the Langley International Film Festival as the opening screener (February 19-21 in Fort Langley, BC – Canada)

You can read our featured article/interview on Numb by clicking here!

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