Aaron Douglas – Joins “Cockpit”, also on Kickstarter

Aaron Douglas Fans418c120e85d9ed5ff299add886de7c59_original announced a few days ago that Aaron Douglas has joined “Cockpit”.

“Cockpit” is a project by Jesse Griffith, who also created a kickstarter page in the hopes of having his proof of concept 10 minute short film “Cockpit:  The Rule of Engagement” be the premise of a full feature film.

Jesse Griffith about “Cockpit”:

“Cockpit” is “Top Gun” meets “Aliens.” The feature-length screenplay has won Best Sci-Fi Screenplay from Fantastic Planet Film Fest in Sydney Australia, and at the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival, as well as additional awards and finalist positions from other festivals.


I’ve made a short proof of concept film subtitled “Cockpit:  The Rule of Engagement”, to show what I can do with very little money ($3,000). I believe I can capture the same lightning in a bottle for the feature, and if you love sci-fi, you won’t want to miss this journey.

logline: “Earth’s best pilots are stranded in space, struggling with what’s real and what’s not as they battle aliens that control minds.”

If you want to donate to the KICKSTARTER page; click here (or on the “Cockpit” image above)

View the 10 minute short film that stars Ronny Cox, Helena Taylor and Karl Champley

Aaron Douglas can currently be seen as Gordon Rimmer in the series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Episodes air every Saturday at 9/8c.  on BBC America in the United States (available next day at BBCAmerica.com, the BBC America app, and on VOD) , and all episodes will be available to stream on Netflix worldwide on December 11, 2016.

He’s also doing a  weekly Dirk Gently Q&A on the facebook page – click the below screencap to go the page!


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