Kate Vernon – “Gun”

Kate Vernon portrays Catherine in the upcoming drama film “Gun”. The movie also stars Cassi Thomson, Mark Boone Junior and Jared Abrahamson and is helmed by Sam Upton.

Synopsis: Joe Romano struggles to stay sober and out of prison. Joe is an ex-prizefighter. An alcoholic. A bum. A has been that never was. However, Joe’s son, Tommy ‘Gun’ Romano, is somebody. Gun is on his way to becoming the champ, when he is blinded in a title fight, through a vicious act of deception. This ends his career, and ultimately his life. Gun’s death spawns a cathartic change inside Joe. Joe’s metamorphosis catapults his life trajectory out of the gutter (with the help of a seventy-four-year-old female Yoda-like character) and back into the ring. In the end, Joe’s lessons remind us of our own fragility, and how in life we are all constantly walking the tightrope between success and failure. His triumphant victory leaves our hearts full, our fists pumping, and our spirits soaring. GUN is a gritty, raw, emotional, character-driven film, set against the backdrop of East Los Angeles.

The trailer was recently released

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