Dragon Con 2017 sets new record with 80k attendees – Weekend Coverage

Dragon con 2017 set foot in Atlanta in September 2017. With a reported 80,000+ people attending the event over the Labor Day Weekend- alongside a sporting event also being in town – the hotels hosting the event were once again slammed, some would say beyond their capacities.

Comic book lovers, science fiction afficcionados, cosplayers and those interested in attending to feast their eyes on the creativity all the above have to offer gathered, nay, swarmed towards the queues of the subject matters that interested them the most; multiple queues even circling a few blocks.

This year’s Dragon Con also hosted a large Battlestar Galactica contingency. Not only was the Colonial Fleet out in great numbers, but with Tricia Helfer, Kate Vernon, Michael Hogan, Luciana Carro, James Callis and Katee Sackhoff present, this Colonial Fleet also had plenty to do to keep themselves occupied! With 3 Battlestar Galactica panels to look forward to, there were also photoshoots, a spot for the Colonial Fleet in the annual televised and near legendary Dragon Con parade, and autograph sessions. Doctor Kevin R. Grazier, Battlestar Galactica’s science advisor also signed present and hosted several talks over the weekend, including one about his series of Hollyweird Science book series co-written by Steven Cass.

One of the more immersive and intense moments of the entire event came when Battlestar Galactica fans from the original and the reimagined show came together to mourn the loss of Richard Hatch – Captain Apollo in the Original Battlestar Galactica, and Tom Zarek in the Reimagined series – together and united. Fans, cast and crew of the show celebrated this Dragon Con and science fiction legend while telling stories of their experiences with him. There were smiles and even lauhter as some recounted his thumb fighting capabilities and the way Richard always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room while he was talking to you. There were of course also tears for the loss of a great friend, mentor, actor and legend. Hugs were shared, there was no Old VS. New, just a beautiful saying goodbye, not farewell to the wonderful man who taught so many people how to dream.

Dragon Con was – and is – to many the staple of conventions and with great reason. They have respect for each fanbase because the people running the events and volunteers are part of those fanbases. This makes the panels feel very well organized. Because they know the fanbase so well, the carefully chosen moderators know how to give each panel that little extra edge. Be sure to check out below videos of some Battlestar Galactica panel snippets, taped with permission of the Dragon Con media team and the actors and moderators involved.

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While we have your attention, courtesy of Dragon Con media and the actors involved, we were allowed the wonderful opportunity to interview Michael Hogan and Kate Vernon! You can check these out below!
Also don’t forget to take a look at our Dragon Con photo album! Many thanks to those willing to be in the photos, including but not limited to the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet!
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We would like to thank the entire Dragon Con team, with an added special mention of for the Dragon Con Media Relations team for the opportunity, the assistance and quick-to-their-feet responses. Also a round of applause goes out to all the volunteers who shouted their voices raw (or gone, in more cases) and who led this event with capable hands.
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