Name: Canceron
Ancient name: Cancer
Nickname: “The Largest Democracy”

Patron God: Hephaestus
Population: ± 6.700.000.000 (Six Billion, seven hundred million)
Capital: Hades
Star system: Helios Delta

Other known locations:

– Prommos (city)
– Mangala (city)

Main educational institutions:

– ?

Pyramid Teams: 

– Canceron Hydras (?)
– Hades Vice (Hades)
– Mangala Krill (Mangala)

Canceron Facts:

– It is a barren planet
– Canceron is inhabited only at its two poles (Northern & Southern), it’s middle section is one large desert, riddled with volcanoes.
– It is the most crowded of all Colonies, some might even call it over-crowded.
– There are a lot of beaches on Canceron, it has a Coastal metropolis.
– It is one of the more poor colonies, its large cities have several slums.


– The middle (desert) region of Canceron is used as a Military practice grounds for flight- and artillery exercises by the Colonial Fleet.
– The Southers (people living at the Southern Pole of Canceron) are dour people who live in climate controlled, subterranean mazes and live mostly of sales profits.
– The Northern part contains a lot of Prison Colonies
– Canceron soil is rich in tylium – prisoners sentenced to manual labor often end up in its mines, extracting tylium
– The Colonies’ Black Market was “founded” on Canceron
– Major Canceron attractions include: Prommos, Ruby Range, Kor Yaz Glacier

People you might know:

– Shelly Godfrey – A.K.A. Cylon No. 6 – (“escaped” from Canceron on the Pyxis, one of the last passenger liners that managed to escape the Cylon attacks)
– Lexon (member of the Soldiers of The One, as seen in the series “Caprica”)
– Robin Wenutu (Quorum member representing Canceron)