Name: Caprica
Ancient name: Capricorn
Nickname: C-City/Cap-City

Patron God: Apollo
Population: ± 4.900.000.000 (Four billion, nine hundred million)
Capital: Caprica City
Star system: Helios Alpha

Other known locations:

Towns and cities:

– Delphi (city)
– Phoebus (city)
– Oasis (small town near Caprica City)
– Pilgrim Bay (city or region near Delphi)


– Caprica Beach (a beach near Caprica City)
– Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport (Caprica City Space Port)
– Cobb’s Point (Place on Caprica, contains an air strip)
– Little Tauron (enclave in Caprica City where many Tauran expats live)
– Martok Valley (a valley)
– Apollo Park (amphitheater and recreation area. It has a range of cafes and a park on its premises. A giant statue of its namesake god, Apollo, distinguishes the park)
– Atlas Arena (Home court to the Caprica Buccaneers Pyramid Team, 30.000+ seats, downtown Caprica City)
– The Riverwalk (open-air promenade & walking area near the Colonial Government Offices)
– Orpheus Park (Park in Caprica City with a lot of jogging strips.
– Kara Thrace’s apartment (Starbuck’s crappy apartment is in Delphi)
– Delphi Convalescent Institute (mental health facility on Torreo Avenue in Delphi – later used by Cylons as one of their Breeding Farms, Starbuck was held here)
– The Forum (replica of The Forum on Kobol)
– The Opera House (replica of The Opera House on Kobol)
– The Temple (replica of The Temple on Kobol)
– Delphi Museum of the Colonies (contains many ancient artifacts, including the Arrow of Apollo)
– MagLev Stations (monorail/train-like mass transportation system on Caprica)


– Caprica Transfer Station (Colonial Fleet Transfer point on Caprica – where Fleet members stay until they are shipped of on their deployment)
– Pantheon Bridge (bridge that crosses Caprican Bay)
– Graystone Industries Campus (home of the many facilities of Graystone Industries)
– Caprican Bay (water mass adjacent Caprica City)
– Theoresos (water mass on Caprica)
– Telamont Building (Tall building in Delphi)

Main educational institutions:

– Apollo University
– Athena Academy
– Wilson Elementary School
– Promethea High School
– Delphi Union High School

Pyramid Teams: 

– Caprica City Buccaneers (Caprica)
– Delphi Legion (Delphi)
– Phoebus Suns (Phoebus)

Caprican Facts:

– Caprica and Gemenon are twin-planets
– It is one of the most modern of all colonies
– center of government, education and culture
– it is the Federal capital of the Twelve Colony


– Caprica and Gemenon share an orbit, each planet interchanges the other one every 28.2 days.
– The first Cylon prototype (the U-87 Cyber Combat Unit) was created by Graystone Industries on Caprica
– Gemenon can often be seen when looking up at the sky on Caprica
– “Caprican” is the official language on Caprica, it was adopted by the other colonies later on

People you might know:

– Tamara Adama (Bill Adama’s sister)
– William – Bill – Adama
– Daniel Graystone
– Amanda Graystone
– Zoey Graystone
– Lacy Rand
– Baxter Sarno
– Ben Stark
– Nathalie Stark
– Lee Adama
– Zak Adama
– Richard Adar (President of the Colonies)
– James Mcmanus (Caprican Times)
– Laura Roslin (Post-Fall president of the Colonies)
– Cheryl Roslin (Laura’s sister)
– Sandra Roslin (Laura’s sister)
– The Roslin Parents