Earth 2.0/New Earth

Earth 2.0Name: Earth
Ancient name: /
Alternative Name: New Earth/ Earth 2.0

Patron God: ?
Population:  ± 38.000 (Thirty Eight Thousand) and counting
Capital: /
Star system: The Solar System

Other known locations:

– /

Main educational institutions:

–       /

Pyramid Teams: 

– /

Earth Facts:

– “There is so much life” (source: Laura Roslin)
– It is devided into continent
– It lies closely to The Ionian Nebula
– primitive humans already live on Earth – mostly hunter-gatherers


– Earth is found after Starbuck enters its jump coordinates using a song she remembers from childhood
– The Agathon Family (Helo, Athena & Hera) end up in Tanzania – seeing as that’s where Hera’s remains are found
– Hera will be known to modern man as Mitochondrial Eve, the most recent common matrilineal ancestors to all of mankind
– Humans on Earth will later start developing their own robots, leaving Angel-Six and Angel-Baltar in fear that “IT” will happen again
– This planet’s actual name is unknown, but according to Adm. Adama, the human race has earned the right to call this planet “Earth” after everything it went through to get there

People you might know:

– Hera Agathon