Name: Gemenon
Ancient name: Gemini
Nickname: /

Patron God: Hera
Population: ± 2.800.000.000 (Two billion, eight hundred million)
Capital: Oranu
Star system: Helios Alpha

Other known locations:

– Illumini
– Grammada Mountains
– Spatiu Gol Plateau
– Pustiu Desert

Main educational institutions:

– Kobol Colleges

Pyramid Teams: 

– Gemenon Twins (?)
– Illumini Vipers (Illumini)

Gemenon Facts:

– Caprica and Gemenon are twin-planets
– Gemenon is a place for religious pilgrimage
– There are two different religious factions on Gemenon
– Abortion, child abuse and failure to provide children with decent educations are punishable by the death penalty on Gemenon
– While many Gemenese are poor, some choose to be because their religion means more to them then the cubits in their pockets.


– Caprica and Gemenon share an orbit, each planet interchanges the other one every 28.2 days.
– “Old Gemenese” is the official language on Gemenon
– Gemenon was the first colony to be settled
– Fundamentalist Gemenese take the Sacred Scrolls of Pythia literally and every word in the scrolls is to be taken literal as well
– Orthodox Theists, while still very religious, are more lenient compared to the Fundamentalists.
– The Gemenese consider their children to be property of the Gods

People you might know:

– Adrien Bauer
– Jurgen Belzen
– Rya Kibby
– Romo Lampkin
– Corporal Venner
– Sarah Porter (Quorum member representing Gemenon)