kobolName: Kobol
Ancient name: /
Alternative Name: /

Patron God: /
Population:  /
Capital: City of the Gods
Star system: unknown, located in Sector 728 of the Galaxy

Other known locations:

– The Opera House
– The Forum
– The Temple

Main educational institutions:

– /

Pyramid Teams: 

– /

Kobol Facts:

– Kobol is the original home of the people of the Twelve Colonies
– Kobol is described in mostly mythical terms in the Sacred Scrolls of Pythia
– According to the Ancient Scrolls, the Gods of Kobol also lived here
– The Cylons on Cylon-Earth also departed from Kobol
– A Holographic map display, leading to the direction of Earth, is shown in the Thomb of Athena after being opened with the Arrow of Apollo


– The people of the Twelve Colonies left Kobol due to an environmental catastrophe
– It has recovered from this catastrophe when Galactica reaches the planet
– The City of the Gods is located in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet
– The Opera House, Forum and Temple were recreated on Caprica to honor the lost planet
– Athena (The godess)  commited suicide in wake of the Exodus, she is enthombed on the planet (in the Thomb of Athena)
– Zeus warned the humans that any return to Kobol after the exodus would cost them in blood
– Human sacrifice was practiced on Kobol

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