leonisName: Leonis
Ancient name: Leo
Nickname: /Patron God: Artemis
Population: ± 2.600.000.000 (Two billion, six hundred million)
Capital: Lumenire
Star system: Helios Béta


Other known locations:

– Luminire (city)
– Hedon (city)

Main educational institutions:

– /

Pyramid Teams: 

– Leonis Wildcats (?)
– Hedon Suns (Hedon)

Leonis Facts:Sparking_Wine_bottle_-_FotP

– Leonis has a lot of open plains
– it has a mild climate
– It’s an important hub for education and industry
– Leonids were important in the initial development and growth of the Colonial Fleet and its weaponry. This is based largely on their stakes in a planetary system that contained a lot of uranium, necessary for the production of weapons
– During a bloody war (pre First Cylon War) with the colonies belonging to the Zeus Planetary system (Caprica, Picon, Scorpia), Leonis was heavily bombed, destroying much of its infrastructure


– Leonis is known for the production of Leonis Estates Sparkling Wine (Starbuck is seen drinking this in the episode “Scar”, image on the right)
– Leonis Red is the name of a sports drink, which was exported to every colony prior to the First Cylon War
– “Leonese” is Leonis’ official language
– “The Lesson of Leonis” is taught as a two-fold lesson in the Colonial Fleet to every rookie. It teaches that “over-enthusiastic pride can destroy” and shows off the power of the Colonial Arsenal

People you might know:

– Safiya Sanne (Quorum member representing Leonis)