Name: Libran
Ancient name: Libra
Alternative Name: Libris

Patron God: Athena
Population: ± (Two billion, one hundred million)
Capital: /
Star system: Helios Gamma

Other known locations:

– Themis (city)
– Supreme Hall of Justice (court house)
– Themis Arena (a pyramid stadium in Themis built before the First Cylon War eventhough Libran has no pyramid teams!)

Main educational institutions:

– /

Pyramid Teams: 

Libran has no professional pyramid teams

Libran Facts:

– “Libran” and “Libris” are used interchangeably but the official name is Libran
– It is  the place-to-be for all your legal matters. Its court system deals with trade disputes and other legal matters
– It is a fairly rich colony – even though many people choose not to live there


 The Zephyr has Libran registry (civilian passenger liner which can be seen often in the re-imagined series and is the Fleet’s second R&R ship after Cloud Nine)
– Other than its courts, there are no  ”typically Libran” skills
– Libran is rich with vacational retreats, resorts, casinos, wildlife reservations and other recreational possibilities. A lot of cruise liners are also in Libran registry – all of this makes Libran a very popular vacation spot for Colonials.

People you might know:

– Oswin Eriku (Quorum member representing Libran)