New Caprica

caprica-flag-120x300Name: New Caprica
Ancient name: /
Alternative Name: N-Cap/New Cap

Patron God: /
Population:  At arrival: 44.035 (Forty four thousand, thirty five) – After exodus: 38.838 (Thirty eight thousand, eight hundred and thirty eight) – source: Baltar’s trial
Capital: New Caprica City
Star system: /

Other known locations:

– Breeders Canyon (natural landmark)
– The Valley (a valley near New Caprica City)
– Pergamis Flats (natural landmark)
– New Caprica Detention Center (first a prison, later on a Cylon detention center)
– New Caprica Police (Police Department under Cylon rule)

Main educational institutions:

–       New Caprica School

Pyramid Teams: 

– /

New Caprica Facts:

– It is cold and barely habitable, only 20% of it is estimated to be able to sustain human life
– The nebula surrounding New Caprica hinders both human and Cylon DRADIS to the extend that it makes the planet a safe haven for humans
– It is discovered by the Cylons due to a heat-reading coming from the nuclear explosion aboard Cloud 9
– Even though it is run by Cylons, the New Caprica Police Department is its official police force


– It was discovered by Racetrack & Skulls after they got lost in the SAR-mission to retrieve the Caprica Resistance Group
– Everyone on New Caprica lives in New Caprica City, seeing as it’s the only settlement on the planet
– Medicine, clothing, food and water are in short supply only one year after settlement – even though medication is being hoarded on BS Pegasus for pilots and active duty members
– The New Caprica City settlement consists mainly out of canvas tents and rough structures
– Roughly 2.000 people are able to escape the Cylon occupation, mostly those on the battlestars in High Orbit around New Caprica
– The intention of the invading cylons is to establish peace between cylons and the human race
– Sam Anders is trapped in his second Resistance group, the only person known to have been in two
– The Cylon detention center can be compared to Gestapo detention centers during the 2nd World War
– 3 leaders of the Human Resistance Movement on New Caprica are cylons
– The New Caprica City Detention Center also contains a mock-up of Starbuck’s apartment on Delphi – she is held there for four months by Leoben

People you might know:

– Nicholas – Nicky – Stephen Tyrol/Contanza