Name: Picon
Ancient name: Pisces
Nickname: /

Patron God: Poseidon
Population: ± 1.400.000.000 (One billion, four hundred million)
Capital: Queenstown
Star system: Helios Alpha

Other known locations:

– Queenstown (captical city)
– Muritolan (Piconian district, Pailyn is located in Muritolan)
– Perkinston (city)
– Pailyn (city)
– Colonial Fleet Headquarters
– Penrose Harbor (harbor near Queenstown)
– Picon Laboratories (creator and distributor of medical supplies)

Main educational institutions:

– Colonial Fleet Academy Picon (one of the Colonies’ Service Academies)
– Noyse Elementary School (source: Sam Anders’ elementary school)

Pyramid Teams: 

– Picon Panthers

Picon Facts:

– Picon has a 75% water mass and a 25% land mass
– It has many harbors
– Many Colonial film – and TV series are filmed on Picon
– It has the most efficient, cooperative and responsive democracy in the colonies
– In the past, Picon had bitter rivalries with Scorpia and Leonis
– Picon and Caprica have an alliance dating back to the early days of colonization


– Picon offers tax incentives for companies in the film industry that choose Picon as their filming location
– The Rising Star was one of the last ships to leave Picon during the Cylon attacks (the passenger liner in which Ellen Tigh escaped the nuclear explosions)
– When the nuclear blasts destroyed the Colonial Fleet HQ, President Adar offered the Cylons an unconditional surrender – the Cylons ignored it.
– The Picon Star Tribune is one of Picon’s leading publications

People you might know:

– Kara – Starbuck -Thrace (born on Picon, moved around the colonies with her mother and ended up on Caprica – source: The Series Bible)
– Playa Palacinos (Picon Star Tribune journalist, later reporter to the Quorum of Twelve)
– Asha Janik (member of the Demand Peace Movement)
– Billy Keikeya (President Roslin’s assistant)
– Billy keikeya’s family