Name: Sagittaron
Ancient name: Sagittarius
Alternative Name: Sagittarion

Patron God: Zeus
Population: ± 1.700.000.000 (One billion, seven hundred million)
Capital: Tawa
Star system: Helios Gamma

Other known locations:

– Archeron River

Main educational institutions:


Pyramid Teams: 

– Sagittaron Archers (?)

Sagittaron Facts:

– Sagittaron is one of the poorest of all colonies
– It endured centuries of exploitation from the other colonies
– Sagittaron is very mountainous


– Sagittarons (“Sags”) are traditionalists. They want nothing to do with modern medicine and the military
– They have their own religion which is based on The Lords of Kobol but is focused more on nature and traditional folk practices
– At least 5,251 Sags survived the initial attacks on the colonies (source: The BSG Miniseries)
– Soma Braids are worn often by Sagittarons as they are believed to bring good luck
– Sags are paranoid, pigheaded, and argumentative (source: Anastasia Dualla )
– Sagittarons are pacifists by nature (Source: “Collaborators”)
– They are disliked and even shunned by the rest of the Colonials
–  Under Sagittaron penal law, convicted felons lose their citizenship, but have it automatically reinstated after they finish serving their sentences. This included the right to vote and to stand for election (Source: “Colonial Day”)

People you might know:

– Tom Zarek
– Anastasia – Dee – Dualla
– Portia King
– Willie King
– Sister Clarice Willow (member of the Soldiers of the One)
– Priyah Magnus (PR agent for Graystone Industries)
– Valance (assasin from “Colonial Day“)
– Leon Grimes (“Colonial Day“)
– Mr. Buckminster (is believed to have died of the Mellorak infection during “The Woman King” but was proven to be poisoned by Doctor Robert)
– Jacob Cantrell (Quorum member representing Sagittaron)