scorpiaName: Scorpia
Ancient name: Scorpio
Alternative Name: /

Patron God: Dionysus
Population: ± 450.000.000 (Four hundred fifty million)
Capital: Celeste
Star system: Helios Gamma


Other known locations:

– Argentum (city)
– Argentum Bay (bay in Argentum)
– Guardian Mountains
– Scorpia Shipyards/Scorpion Fleet Shipyards

Main educational institutions:

– /

Pyramid Teams: 

– Scorpia Stingers (?)
– Celeste Storms (Celeste)
– Celeste Lighting (Celeste)
– Argentum Bay Silverstars (Argentum)

Scorpia Facts:

– Scorpia is known for having hot temperatures
– There are a lot of jungles
– Scorpia has alliances with Tauron, Picon and Caprica



– There are great paragliding opportunities in Scorpia
– Due to the presence of the Scorpia Shipyards, there are a lot of Battlestars on Scorpia (Mercury Class, Valkyrie class, Galactica Class,…)
– BS Pegasus was stationed on Scorpia during a three month overhaul for a Command Navigation Program update before the Cylon attacks


People you might know:

– Eladio Puasha (Quorum member representing Scorpia)