Leah Cairns – On “Coded”, Savannah & Seattle and how she became Racetrack – Exclusive BSGM interview (video)

At Galacticon in Seattle, Leah Cairns talked to us about starring in the webseries “Coded” (out September 14!) and how she was reunited with Battlestar Galactica co-star Donnelly Rhodes. She also talked about how she landed the role of Racetrack on BSG and about the emotional journey leading up to the reunion of Savannah and […]

Leah Cairns – “Coded” wins STORYHIVE production grant!

The webseries “Coded”, which we have covered previously, has earned enough votes through to earn them a production grant of 50,000 dollars! In Coded, Leah Cairns will portray the role of main character Shae’s love interest. Someone she described as being “The Slutty Mom Character” in an earlier tweet. With the STORYHIVE grant, the Coded […]

Leah Cairns – “Coded” needs your votes; ROUND 2! 1

A few months ago, the webseries Coded (directed by Steve Neufeld) needed your votes on Storyhive so that they could make their pilot episode and convince the world to vote for them at a later point to make the pilot into a full webseries. They were succesful and the series received a 10.000 dollar grant. Starting […]

Leah Cairns – Support Coded, a new webseries!

Leah Cairns – Racetrack on Battlestar Galactica – is on a roll and has a new gig! After taking to the big screen with Interstellar, Cairns is slated to act on Coded. Coded is a story that might ring close to home to a lot of people because who hasn’t been impacted by that one teacher before? […]