El Americano

Edward James Olmos – Exclusive BSGM interview on BSG, “El Americano”, Mary McDonnell and more!

we met up with Edward James Olmos on the last day of FEDCON 24 and talked about his work on Battlestar Galactica, working with Mary McDonnell, PSA’s, and his upcoming projects “El Americano” and “Monday Nights at Seven” We would like to thank Edward James Olmos for his time, FEDCON and everyone who helped make […]

Edward James Olmos – El Americano has a trailer!

El Americano, an Animated Feature and collaboration between the Mexican Animex Producciones, Olmos Productions and Phil Roman Entertainment. The movie follows the story of a young Mexican parrot Cuco whose family’s circus is threatened by bullies. To save the circus, he heads to the United States to enlist the help of El Americano, the superhero star of […]