Leah Cairns – On “Coded”, Savannah & Seattle and how she became Racetrack – Exclusive BSGM interview (video)

At Galacticon in Seattle, Leah Cairns talked to us about starring in the webseries “Coded” (out September 14!) and how she was reunited with Battlestar Galactica co-star Donnelly Rhodes. She also talked about how she landed the role of Racetrack on BSG and about the emotional journey leading up to the reunion of Savannah and […]

Leah Cairns – reintroduced to her own Battlestar Galactica Racetrack flightsuit at Galacticon (video!)

Leah Cairns was kind enough to allow us to tag along when she and collector Aaron Carlson met up for her first time reintroduction to her own Racetrack Flightsuit from Battlestar Galactica. Nostalgia & Memories from Leah Cairns:   Thank you Leah Cairns and Aaron Carlson!