BSG-M Signed Battlestar Galactica Photo charity Giveaway for PATH

Hello everyone! Even though we have no affiliation to the Acting Outlaws, Katee Sackhoff OR Tricia Helfer and can’t be there to ride a bike ourselves, we figured we’d help out PATH in another way and we hope you’ll help us do the same. So, here’s the deal. We will GIVE AWAY a SIGNED BATTLESTAR GALACTICA PHOTO […]

An Interview with Eric Chu – concept designer for BSG!

Film & TV designer Eric Chu is a part of the “New Guard” of great sci-fi illustrators. amoung other work, Eric Re-imagined the legendary Ralph McQuarrie’s designs for “Battlestar Galactica I’m excited to have the chance to chat with film and TV designer Eric Chu. He is a key member of the ‘new guard’ of […]