Grace Park

Battlestar Galactica – Netflix will be no more!

. Due to their ever-growing list of TV shows and movies, Netflix (US) switches their listing up every now and then to make room for more (newer?) shows. Come October, falling victim to this policy are shows like “Law & Order”, “Law & Order SVU” and… “Battlestar Galactica”! If you intend to watch the entire […]

BSG-M Signed Battlestar Galactica Photo charity Giveaway for PATH

Hello everyone! Even though we have no affiliation to the Acting Outlaws, Katee Sackhoff OR Tricia Helfer and can’t be there to ride a bike ourselves, we figured we’d help out PATH in another way and we hope you’ll help us do the same. So, here’s the deal. We will GIVE AWAY a SIGNED BATTLESTAR GALACTICA PHOTO […]

Grace Park – Waikiki Beach Film Festival “Hawaii 5-0” season premiere screening

If you’re a fan of “Hawaii 5-0” and happen to be anywhere near Queen’s Beach in Waikiki (Hawaii) September 13, you might want to keep on reading! “Sunset on the Beach” is premiering the first episode of the new “Hawaii 5-0” season a week prior to the CBS premiere (September 26)! Even more, the festival is […]

Katee Sackhoff / Grace Park photoshoot for “Titans of Comic Con”

The cat is out of the Hat! Katee Sackhoff’s recent announcement of a joint photoshoot with Battlestar collegue Grace Park all leads up to this piece of awesomeness. Katee Solo and Grace Skywalker anyone? Yes, please!     For the article, interview and source material, go here!

Grace Park – Hawaii Five-O blessed before start of 5th season filming! 2

On Tuesday 08/07, the cast & crew of Grace Park’s hit series “Hawaii Five-O” received a ceremonial blessing on the shores of Hawaii, just prior to the start of the series 5th season production! “Hawaii Five-0” began filming its longest season ever, a 25-episode marathon, with hugs and photos at a blessing ceremony in the […]

Grace Park – Hawaii 5-0 fifth season premieres …

All Grace Park fans should write this date in their calendar! CBS has announced the fifth season of Hawaii 5-0 will premiere September 26, 2014 “Hawaii Five-0” will air its fifth season opener three months from now, on Sept. 26, during CBS’ premiere week, the network said Wednesday. The crime drama, which is filmed nearly entirely […]

OPINION PIECE: Will the new BSG movie look more like the re-imagined BSG-series than even Glen A. Larson would want?

So, the news is out and it seems to be official, Glen A. Larson will have a chance to produce HIS own “re-imagined” version of the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. Now that brings to mind an important question – how much of the 1978-Battlestar Galactica series will remain after the writer wrote down his version […]