Hawaii Five-0

Battlestar Galactica Reunion: ATX and EW Bring Together a Family of Friends 1

The Battlestar Galactica reunion – June 10, 2017 Paramount Theatre, Austin Texas.   One hundred fifty thousand and eight years after The Galactica and its fleet dropped off the last surviving Colonials in homo-sapien Tanzania, and eight years after the airing of the Battlestar Galactica series finale on the Sci-Fi Channel (now SYFY), cast and […]

Grace Park – Hawaii Five-0 season 6 teaser trailer!

The hit series “Hawaii Five-0”, starring Grace Park will debut its sixth season on September 25 (9/8C) In light of that, and the fifth season’s exciting finale, CBS has released a first teaser and it looks like Grace Park’s character Kono is in for some trouble. There are guns, pirates and flashbacks going on, so […]

Grace Park – Waikiki Beach Film Festival “Hawaii 5-0” season premiere screening

If you’re a fan of “Hawaii 5-0” and happen to be anywhere near Queen’s Beach in Waikiki (Hawaii) September 13, you might want to keep on reading! “Sunset on the Beach” is premiering the first episode of the new “Hawaii 5-0” season a week prior to the CBS premiere (September 26)! Even more, the festival is […]

Grace Park – Hawaii Five-O blessed before start of 5th season filming! 2

On Tuesday 08/07, the cast & crew of Grace Park’s hit series “Hawaii Five-O” received a ceremonial blessing on the shores of Hawaii, just prior to the start of the series 5th season production! “Hawaii Five-0” began filming its longest season ever, a 25-episode marathon, with hugs and photos at a blessing ceremony in the […]