Hemlock Grove

Aaron Douglas – Reddit AMA transcript

There was a REDDIT AMA session by SYFY with The Chief, Aaron Douglas, on October 13. He interacted with fans through the social media platform Reddit for a 4-hour+ long AMA-session. (AMA: “ask me anything”).  The title to the transcript also leads to the original Reddit AMA page Aaron Douglas AMA (10/13 – 7 PM […]

Tricia Helfer / Aaron Douglas / Kandyse McClure – Authors Anonymous + Hemlock Grove on Netflix

This week sees the release of a new season of Netflix’s original series Hemlock Grove. Available on Netflix (USA) 07/11: Hemlock Grove: Season 2 (2014) As Peter and Roman struggle with dark family secrets, a terrifying new enemy appears in Season 2 of this gripping psychological thriller Authors Anonymous (2014) Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis […]