Aaron Douglas – cast in “There are Monsters”

Aaron Douglas will star alongside Scott Speedman, Ella Ballentine and Zoe Kazan in the horror film “There are Monsters”. The movie focuses on a mother and daughter who are trapped and tormented by a ruthless creature. “There are Monsters” will be directed by Bryan Bertino and is slated for a 2016 release. It was written by Bryan Bertino. […]

Exclusive BSG-M Interview! Aaron Douglas on The Returned, Snicker Snacks II, Izombie and more! 1

We recently caught up with Aaron Douglas who attended FedCon 24 and talked about his role on “The Returned” (which is sadly not returning for a second season), The next installment of his short story collaboration with Talaria Press on writing monster stories and Villain Stories for the next installment, his time on Izombie and Chief Tyrol’s happiness […]