Kandyse McClure

Edward James Olmos / Mary McDonnell / Aaron Douglas / Kandyse McClure / Jamie Bamber / Michael Hogan / Katee Sackhoff / Alessandro Juliani / Tahmoh Penikett / Rekha Sharma / Grace Park / James Callis / Michael Trucco / Tricia Helfer – FEDCON Germany Masterpost   Recently updated !

Not yet named a reunion, FEDCON in Germany is currently 14 for 20 for its guest announcement being Battlestar Galactica related! Currently announced Battlestar Galactica related guests for next year’s edition are Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Aaron Douglas, Kandyse McClure, Michael Hogan, Katee Sackhoff, Alessandro Juliani, Jamie Bamber, Tahmoh Penikett, Rekha Sharma, Grace Park, James […]

Kandyse McClure – Ghost Wars

Kandyse McClure announced via her Instagram account that she is attached to the new “Ghost Wars” series at SYFY, where she’ll portray the role of Landis Barker. “Ghost Wars” is SYFY’s new 13 episode drama, created by Simon Barry (Continuum/Travelers) which will star Vincent D’Onofrio, Avan Jogia, and Meatloaf. Production will take place in Vancouver, Canada. […]

Kandyse McClure – “Moving Parts” receives United Nations support

“Moving Parts”, a film about human smuggling starring Kandyse McClure has received support from the United Nations! The movie will be directed by Emilie Upczak and recently raised over 26,000 dollars in crowdfunding! Synopsis: Zhenzhen arrives in Trinidad and soon discovers the Chinese restaurant where her brother has found her work serves more than just […]

Kandyse McClure – Viola Desmond in Canada Heritage Minute project (video)

Kandyse McClure recently starred as Viola Desmond in a Historica Canada produced Heritage Minute! . . . . . . . . . TORONTO – February 1, 2016 The story of Viola Desmond, an entrepreneur who challenged segregation in Nova Scotia in the 1940s, is now a Heritage Minute. Historica Canada is pleased to add […]

Kandyse McClure – “Just be Yourself” available + trailer!

Kandyse McClure stars in “Just be Yourself”, a short film written and directed by Stuart Davis! Synopsis: A desperate, unemployed man is offered a job to ‘just be himself’. He flounders and fails. But he rises again to take over the company. It’s is a comedy about identity. This short film celebrates one man’s hilarious and surreal awakening. […]

Galacticon / Daniel Allan – Some answered questions and moving forward 2

In the aftermath of Galacticon and what seemed to be a forever-deluge of emails coming through our Inbox with questions that should be answered by the organizers of the event, we decided to do just that. Out of the almost 3,000 Galacticon-related tweets/facebook messages, emails/… we drafted a top-tennish list of questions and allowed some […]

CONVENTION SCHEDULE UPDATE – En-Masse Galacticon Cancellations 2

We are baffeled and stunned beyond belief – personally. We learned throughout the course of the last few hours that Galacticon has now … shed (?) most of its BSG guests…for a BSG con Galacticon has …almost cancelled everyone, actually So far(?) the cancelled guests are: – Aaron Douglas – Tahmoh Penikett – Rekha Sharma […]

Edward James Olmos / Grace Park / Rekha Sharma /Nicki Clyne / Kandyse McClure – Convention Schedule Update

Edward James Olmos is headed to Honolulu, click here for info! Grace Park (forgot to do a post earlier when posted!) will be at Galacticon, click for info! Rekha Sharma will be at Shore Leave Con and Galacticon! Click here for info! Nicki Clyne is going to Hartford, Connecticut! Click here for info! Kandyse McClure […]

Battlestar Galactica – “33” One Decade Anniversary!

Battlestar Galactica: one show, four seasons, 73 episodes, spin-offs and an unforgettable group of cast and crew. Its accolades include 30 awards and another 29 nominations Today – January 14, 2015 – Marks the first (US)* airing of the pilot episode “33” and our favorite show is getting love from all over! Entertainment Weekly called […]

Kandyse McClure – Interviewed by NuMode Magazine!

Kandyse McClure was interviewed by NuMode Magazine! An alarm clock blares and she abruptly awakens. Despite her exhausted appearance and the hair stylist’s attempt to give her bed head, Kandyse McClure radiates beauty in her debut scene on Hemlock Grove, a deliciously addicting Netflix Original Series of the Sci-Fi genre. Transcending her undeniable sexual magnetism, McClure […]

Tricia Helfer / Aaron Douglas / Kandyse McClure – Authors Anonymous + Hemlock Grove on Netflix

This week sees the release of a new season of Netflix’s original series Hemlock Grove. Available on Netflix (USA) 07/11: Hemlock Grove: Season 2 (2014) As Peter and Roman struggle with dark family secrets, a terrifying new enemy appears in Season 2 of this gripping psychological thriller Authors Anonymous (2014) Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis […]

Kandyse McClure rallies support for B.C. Teachers!

  B.C. teachers who are in their second week of rotating strikes got some star support from “Game of Thrones” actors whose characters know all about nasty, divisive feuds. Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, was photographed with Vancouver-based actress Kandyse McClure holding a handmade sign that read, “I support the teachers in British Columbia and […]