kate vernon

Kate Vernon – “Gun”

Kate Vernon portrays Catherine in the upcoming drama film “Gun”. The movie also stars Cassi Thomson, Mark Boone Junior and Jared Abrahamson and is helmed by Sam Upton. Synopsis: Joe Romano struggles to stay sober and out of prison. Joe is an ex-prizefighter. An alcoholic. A bum. A has been that never was. However, Joe’s son, Tommy ‘Gun’ […]

Kate Vernon – “Condor”

Kate Vernon has been cast as Lyly Partridge, also starring William Hurt, in the new MGM Television/Skydance TV drama series “Condor” for AT&T Audience Network’. the even-keeled wife of Bob Partridge and something of a mother hen to the tight-knit community of CIA wives. Condor follows Joe Turner, a young CIA analyst whose idealism is tested […]

Michael Hogan / Kate Vernon / Rekha Sharma – Announced for DragonCon

Tripple treat for those going to DragonCon 2017! Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan, Rekha Sharma and Kate Vernon were all announced in a Cylon invasion announcement by the convention today. Rekha Sharma is set to appear at: DragonCon Dates: September 1 – September 4, 2017 Location: Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotels – […]

Kate Vernon – His Master’s Voice

Kate Vernon has been cast to play “Camille” in director György Pálfi’s “His Master’s Voice”. The film is currently going through principal photography in Ottawa, Canada.  His Master’s Voice is about a man from Hungary who travels to the United States to meet his father who left the Eastern European country years ago and went to […]

Galacticon / Daniel Allan – Some answered questions and moving forward 2

In the aftermath of Galacticon and what seemed to be a forever-deluge of emails coming through our Inbox with questions that should be answered by the organizers of the event, we decided to do just that. Out of the almost 3,000 Galacticon-related tweets/facebook messages, emails/… we drafted a top-tennish list of questions and allowed some […]

CONVENTION SCHEDULE UPDATE – En-Masse Galacticon Cancellations 2

We are baffeled and stunned beyond belief – personally. We learned throughout the course of the last few hours that Galacticon has now … shed (?) most of its BSG guests…for a BSG con Galacticon has …almost cancelled everyone, actually So far(?) the cancelled guests are: – Aaron Douglas – Tahmoh Penikett – Rekha Sharma […]

Battlestar Galactica – “33” One Decade Anniversary!

Battlestar Galactica: one show, four seasons, 73 episodes, spin-offs and an unforgettable group of cast and crew. Its accolades include 30 awards and another 29 nominations Today – January 14, 2015 – Marks the first (US)* airing of the pilot episode “33” and our favorite show is getting love from all over! Entertainment Weekly called […]

Edward James Olmos / Jamie Bamber / Michael Trucco / Kate Vernon / Richard Hatch – Convention Schedule Update!

Looks like the Comikaze Expo – going on in the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 31 – November 2 – has a little bit of a Battlestar Galactica Convention reunion going on! Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Kate Vernon & Richard Hatch are all on the guest list! check out Edward James […]

Richard Hatch / Kate Vernon – “Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar” full film

That the kickstarter project to Richard Hatch & Kate Vernon’s “Star Trek Axanar” was a great succes, has been reported previously on this website. A prelude to the feature film was released in August and a previous attempt at posting it on this website strangely failed. Starring Richard Hatch, Tony Todd, Kate Vernon, JG Hertzler and Gary […]

Kate Vernon – “The Summerland Project”

via Twitter, Kate Vernon announced that she was on her way to start production on “The Summerland Project”! It’s based on a play written by Rob Merritt & stars Ed Begley Jr. , Eddie Jameson, Chris Ellis & Kate Vernon. It will be directed by Adam Orton and is slated for release in August 2017.     […]

Richard Hatch / Michael Hogan / Kate Vernon – Star Trek Axanar crowdfund exeeds goal

A new “Star Trek” fan funding campaign has just hit warp speed. The crowdfunding campaign for “Star Trek: Axanar” (starring Richard Hatch, Michael Hogan & Kate Vernon) — a fan-funded “Star Trek” film — has raised more than $200,000, donated through the website Kickstarter, blowing well past the original goal of $100,000. The campaign comes […]

Nicki Clyne / Mary McDonnell / Tricia Helfer / Richard Hatch / Kate Vernon / Sam Witwer – Convention schedule updates

Nicki Clyne has an added convention date for Sci-Con Tampa For more information on dates, websites and Nicki’s current schedule, go here   Mary McDonnell has added a convention date for Dragon Con For more information on dates, websites and Mary’s current schedule, go here   Tricia Helfer has added a convention date for Dragon […]