Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch / Leah Cairns – Diminuendo preview and press release

  The following press release was released just now by the Diminuendo team A short preview of “Diminuendo” can also be found below. BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA ACTOR RICHARD HATCH’S FINAL FEATURE FILM, “DIMINUENDO,” SCREENS IN LOS ANGELES Golden Globe Nominated Actor Richard Hatch, who passed away on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 after a short and sudden battle […]

Richard Hatch: Fleet is Family – Rest in peace Richard Hatch

Fleet is Family. There are maybe but few people who lived life according to the crede “Fleet is Family” more than Richard Hatch did. Apollo in the original, Tom Zarek in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, Richard did very early on what only few people thought possible: he looked beyond the scope of “what was”, looked […]

(UPDATED!) Tahmoh Penikett / Nicki Clyne / Richard Hatch – Step into “Personal Space” with creator Tom Pike – BSGM Exclusive!

UPDATE: 45 hours before its end,  Personal Space is a mere 1458 dollars away from successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign! Recently, Nicki Clyne uploaded a video on why you should donate towards the project and what it’s all about: Click here to go to the kickstarter Campaign Also, you can read the interview with Tom […]

Nicki Clyne / Tahmoh Penikett / Richard Hatch – “Personal Space” launches kickstarter (pun intended)

Are you ready for a mini Battlestar Galactica reunion? You should be, because “Personal Space” has launched its kickstarter! Astronauts aboard a generation ship have no idea their therapy sessions are being broadcast on Earth as a reality show. Welcome to Personal Space. Personal Space is a science fiction webseries starring Nicki Clyne, Tahmoh Penikett and […]

Nicki Clyne / Tahmoh Penikett / Richard Hatch – star in “Personal Space”

Nicki Clyne, Tahmoh Penikett and Richard Hatch will all star in “Personal Space”. Tom R. Pike directs. Website synopsis: Unbeknownst to the crew of a generation ship, their therapy sessions are being broadcast on Earth as a reality show. Welcome to Personal Space. The scientific details of the ship’s mission are informed by two consultants: a […]

Galacticon / Daniel Allan – Some answered questions and moving forward 2

In the aftermath of Galacticon and what seemed to be a forever-deluge of emails coming through our Inbox with questions that should be answered by the organizers of the event, we decided to do just that. Out of the almost 3,000 Galacticon-related tweets/facebook messages, emails/… we drafted a top-tennish list of questions and allowed some […]

Dragon Con Panels announced – – Tricia Helfer / James Callis / Michael Trucco / Jamie Bamber / Aaron Douglas / Edward James Olmos / Grace Park

Here are the Dragon Con schedules currently listed on the Dragon Con App for: – Tricia Helfer – James Callis – Michael Trucco – Jamie Bamber – Aaron Douglas – Edward James Olmos – Kevin Grazier / Hollyweird Science – Grace Park – Battlestar Galactica – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel Ft. EJO   *click to […]

Galacticon – A Look Inside The Promise of a Battlestar Galactica Reunion and Making Lemonade. 5

We want to start off by saying that we do a lot of these types of events. Whether it be signing events, or full-weekend themed conventions. Of course, not all of them are Battlestar Galactica related. We have also been going to these events much longer than we’ve had the pleasure of having this website. […]

Battlestar Cast in Seattle – Where they are and will be *master post* 1

As the Battlestar fleet has (literally) been devided all over Seattle (and the world) because of the goings-on at Galacticon – We’ll try to keep an eye out on who-is-where and where you can meet the Battlestar Galactica cast that is currently in Seattle. The cast has proven to be quite resourceful in getting the word […]

CONVENTION SCHEDULE UPDATE – En-Masse Galacticon Cancellations 2

We are baffeled and stunned beyond belief – personally. We learned throughout the course of the last few hours that Galacticon has now … shed (?) most of its BSG guests…for a BSG con Galacticon has …almost cancelled everyone, actually So far(?) the cancelled guests are: – Aaron Douglas – Tahmoh Penikett – Rekha Sharma […]

Edward James Olmos / Aaron Douglas / Nicki Clyne / Richard Hatch – Convention Schedule Update!

Richard Hatch’s convention schedudule has been updated! He’ll be appearing at Geek-O-Nomicon and IFCon! Click For Info Edward James Olmos’ first 2016 convention: Wizard World New Orleans! Click For Info Nicki Clyne also joins Geek-O-Nomicon! Click for Info Aaron Douglas is going to 2050 Events! Click for info If you notice a convention missing from […]

Richard Hatch – “The Dark Zone” kickstarter campaign

Richard Hatch – Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, and Tom Zarek in the reimagined version – is part of “The Dark Zone”, a movie written by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves. Synopsis: A group of jewel thieves have plans to escape via secret underground passages between U.S. and Mexico, but the caper goes sour in the tourist […]

Richard Hatch – Loadout: Going in Hot (short) film

Richard Hatch – Apollo on Battlestar Galactica 1978/Tom Zarek in the reimagined series – stars in the Live-Action short “Loadout: Going in Hot!” Loadout was based on the similarly named PS4 shooter game and was written by Matt Munson, directed by Vincent Talenti & produced by Lynn Moon. Loadout: Going in Hot! Also stars Matthew […]

Katee Sackhoff / Edward James Olmos / Richard Hatch – Convention Schedule Update

Katee Sackhoff will be going to Christchurch next March for a Sunday-only appearance at Armageddon Expo – see Katee’s current schedule & more information here. Richard Hatch has 2 added appearances in 2015! Check them out here! Edward James Olmos will be going to Wizard World’s Madison Comic Con, check it out!

Battlestar Galactica TOS 1978-1980 – Press Release new Blu Ray/DVD release

NBC Universal is releasing a remastered Blu Ray/DVD collection of Glen A Larson’s Battlestar Galactica! Here’s the press release: UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Nov. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — From renowned writer/producer Glen A. Larson, the creative force behind Knight Rider, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, comes the groundbreaking TV series […]

Edward James Olmos / Jamie Bamber / Michael Trucco / Kate Vernon / Richard Hatch – Convention Schedule Update!

Looks like the Comikaze Expo – going on in the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 31 – November 2 – has a little bit of a Battlestar Galactica Convention reunion going on! Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Kate Vernon & Richard Hatch are all on the guest list! check out Edward James […]

Richard Hatch / Kate Vernon – “Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar” full film

That the kickstarter project to Richard Hatch & Kate Vernon’s “Star Trek Axanar” was a great succes, has been reported previously on this website. A prelude to the feature film was released in August and a previous attempt at posting it on this website strangely failed. Starring Richard Hatch, Tony Todd, Kate Vernon, JG Hertzler and Gary […]