Katee Sackhoff / Dorie Barton interview – Girl Flu.: A Bloody Exciting Screening at Portland Film Festival – BSGM Exclusive!

Screening during the closing night of Portland Film Festival this weekend is Dorie Barton’s “Girl Flu.”, starring Katee Sackhoff. A small movie with a big heart, “Girl Flu.” is a film that aims to show the authenticity in growing up by telling authentic stories of strong women on the big screen – something that is […]

Tricia Helfer / Katee Sackhoff – Tulip Ride brings Acting Outlaws AND Battlestar Galactica screening!

The Tulip Ride, taking place April 18, 2015, has added some Acting Outlaws / Battlestar Galactica to their roster! For the second year in a row, the Acting Outlaws (Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer) will be hosting a private screening at the iPic Theatre at the Redmond Town Center to benefit the Humane Society for Seattle/Kings […]

Grace Park – Waikiki Beach Film Festival “Hawaii 5-0” season premiere screening

If you’re a fan of “Hawaii 5-0” and happen to be anywhere near Queen’s Beach in Waikiki (Hawaii) September 13, you might want to keep on reading! “Sunset on the Beach” is premiering the first episode of the new “Hawaii 5-0” season a week prior to the CBS premiere (September 26)! Even more, the festival is […]