Straight Kill Films

Matthew Bennett – 1 hr LIVE online Q&A session thursday 12/11 on BSG, Straight Kill,…

Matthew Bennett, who charactarized Aaron Doral on Battlestar Galactica will be part of a 1 hour online Q&A session THIS Thursday 12/11 at 5 PM EST (check photo for time conversions) Not only will he be answering questions about his time on Battlestar and other shows, he will also answer those questions relating STRAIGHT KILL […]

Matthew Bennett – Straight Kill live chat!

Matthew Bennett who played Aaron Doral on Battlestar Galactica, has agreed to do a (hopefully) live interview with us (dates still to be announced) about Battlestar & his new production company “straight kill” Since there might be many here who don’t ¬†use twitter, we post this here as well. if you have any questions, just […]

Matthew Bennett – Number Five has plans and wants YOU to be involved! Straight Kill Films

Recently, we posted an article about Straight Kill Films, the new multi-layered production company endevour by our very own Aaron Doral (Number Five) – Matthew Bennett – and his close friend Matt Wells. The production company, which aims at doing film in a whole new way, is now looking for musicians and actors to be […]