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Matthew Bennett – 1 hr LIVE online Q&A session thursday 12/11 on BSG, Straight Kill,…

Matthew Bennett, who charactarized Aaron Doral on Battlestar Galactica will be part of a 1 hour online Q&A session THIS Thursday 12/11 at 5 PM EST (check photo for time conversions) Not only will he be answering questions about his time on Battlestar and other shows, he will also answer those questions relating STRAIGHT KILL […]

Matthew Bennett – Straight Kill live chat!

Matthew Bennett who played Aaron Doral on Battlestar Galactica, has agreed to do a (hopefully) live interview with us (dates still to be announced) about Battlestar & his new production company “straight kill” Since there might be many here who don’t ¬†use twitter, we post this here as well. if you have any questions, just […]

Matthew Bennett – Discusses the idea for “Straight Kill”

In this video, just released on Youtube a few hours ago, Matthew Bennett (Cylon Number 5, Aaron Doral) discusses the idea behind the script for Straight Kill!   Find Straight Kill on Youtube by clicking here Find Straight Kill on Twitter by clicking here Find Straight Kill on Facebook by clicking here