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Tahmoh Penikett – “Riftworld Chronicles” wins at NYTVF!

Riftworld Chronicles – the CBC Punchline webseries starring Tahmoh Penikett and Erin Karpluk – has won “Best Drama Pilot” at the 2015 New York TV Festival! The series is a spin-off from the shortfilm “The Portal” and was produced after a succesful crowdfunding campaign. The first season of “Riftworld Chronicles” premiered on CBC Punchline earlier this year, a second […]

Tahmoh Penikett – A BSGM Exclusive Interview On Life, The Arts, his Inspirations and Riftworld Chronicles! 1

Tahmoh Penikett is a man of many traits and trades. He is well known for iconic roles in most of your fan favorite shows, including (but not limited to) Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Dollhouse and  the short film Portal, which is coming out as the “Riftworld Chronicles” webseries on CBC Punchline tomorrow! As we were curious about what […]

Tahmoh Penikett – Support RiftWorld Chronicle Crowdfund

A small Chronology from the Crowdfund:   IN EARLY 2013 we made a short film called THE PORTAL (if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it at the bottom of this page). Once the film was finished it went on to play a ton of festivals and comic cons and we actually won […]

Tahmoh Penikett “The Portal” receives Award nomination AND webseries funding!

Now this is what can be called a double whammy in Tahmoh Penikett-world! One of his projects, “The Portal”,  has received a nomination from the Directors Guild of Canada in the BEST SHORT FILM category! Press release: 2014 DIRECTORS GUILD OF CANADA AWARDS NOMINEES ANNOUNCED June 19, 2014 TORONTO – July 19, 2014 – The DGC […]