Mary McDonnell on Home & Family about Savannah & Seattle, snippet 1

Mary McDonnell (also known as Madam President or President Laura Roslin) went on the Home & Family show to talk about Major Crimes She also dedicated some time to talk about Savannah¬†& Seattle! For the entire video (better quality), incl. Major Crimes (S&S starts at about 5 minutes) so…donate!  

Leah Cairns Video to The Ellen Show – Walk 4 Savannah & Seattle!

Leah Cairns made¬† a special video shoutout to The Ellen Show (Ellen Degeneres), with more information about the girls’ conditions & a special request to everyone! The idea is to virtually walk the girls from their individual homes to the studios of the Ellen Degeneres show! (remember, you can still support their gofundme action as […]

More about these Supergirls (from Leah Cairns)

Meet two little super hero girls who have never met one another yet share so much in common. Shortly after their first birthdays both Savannah and Seattle were diagnosed with rare, incurable, life threatening disorders, Savannah with Mitochondrial Disease and Seattle with Transverse Myelitis. They both spent a long, terrifying time in Intensive Care and […]