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James Callis – BSGM Exclusive: Mississippi Insights Into his new Noir Crime Drama “The Hollow”

James Callis’ new movie: “The Hollow” – in which he portrays the role of FBI agent Vaughn Killinger – recently wrapped principal photography in the heart of Mississippi. The film is written/directed by Miles Doleac, produced by Historia Films (founded by Miles Doleac together with longtime friend, Mackenzie Westmoreland) and exec. produced by Academy Award […]

James Callis – “The Hollow” 1

James Callis recently joined the line-up for the movie “The Hollow”, which is currently being shot in Mississippi. He was announced on the film’s Facebook page on June 6! It’s hotting up down here in the deep south! #Mississippee#TheHollowhttps://t.co/TDNPfuUPKM — James Callis (@jamescallis) June 10, 2015 “The hollow” is written and directed by Miles Doleac and […]