tauronName: Tauron
Ancient name: Taurus
Alternative Name: /

Patron God: Ares
Population:  ± 2.500.000.000 (Two billion, five hundred million)
Capital: Hypatia
Star system: Helios Alpha

Other known locations:

– Tauron City (city)
– Olympia (city)
– Great Tauron Plains

Main educational institutions:


Pyramid Teams: 

– Olympia Stallions (Olympia)
– Tauron Bulls (?)

Tauron Facts:

– Even though Tauron is a barren planet, it is known for agriculture
– Tauron is the official language on Tauron, it shows great resemblance to ancient Greek
– It suffered through colonization from both Virgon and Leonis
– During the Tauron Civil War (occurred 93 years Before Cylon Holocaust) a lot of Taurons relocated to Caprica to escape from a genocide commited by its government
– Tauron males are considered to be “man” at age 13


– Taurons are traditionalists
– Tauron has a troubled, violent history
– the Ha’la’tha crime cyndicate originates from Tauron
– Tauron started off as one of the poorest colonies but throughout the centuries turned into one of the richer ones
– The Meta-cognitive processor was invented by Vergis Corporation on Tauron, later on stolen by Sam Adama and given to Graystone Industries on Caprica – This processor was used to create the very first Cylon prototype
– Tattoos are used as social attributes
– While in mourning, Taurons wear black gloves
– Taurons believe that no one really dies until their death is avenged
– One of its major news papers is the Tauron Globe Times


People you might know:

– Joseph Adama
– Sam Adama
– Shannon Adama
– Ruth Adama
– Helena Cain
– Shaundra Cain (Adm. Cain’s mother)
– Lucy Cain (Adm. Cain’s sister)
– Mr. Cain (Adm. Cain’s father)
– Perah Enyeto (Quorum member representing Tauron)