Name: Aerilon
Ancient name: Aries
Nickname: “Food Basket of the Colonies”

Patron God: Demeter
Population: ± (One Billion, two hundred million)
Capital: Gaoth
Star system: Helios Delta

Other known locations:

– The Badlands (a region)
-Promethea (a mining town in The Badlands)
– Euclid River (where Gaius Baltar spent time as a boy)
– Cuffle’s Breath Wash (Gaius Balter was born just outside of this place)

Main educational institutions:

– University of Aerilon (Gaoth)
– Promethea A&M (Promethea)


Pyramid Teams: 

– Aerilon Threshers (Gaoth)
– Promethea Golden Horns (Promethea)

Aerilonian Facts:

– It is one of the most poor colonies313px-Lest_we_forget – The portrait  that hangs in Laura Roslin’s office and in the Pilot Ready Room (the one all pilots touch before take-off in the miniseries and you see depicted on this page) is of a soldier on Aerilon
– The colonies’ economy is based largely on agriculture
– Aerilonians have a typical deep, raspy and husky way of speaking their local dialect (according to Gaius Baltar & Chief Tyrol in “Dirty Hands”)


– Aerilon doesn’t only have agriculture, they also have tylium mines and produce table salt (“Exodus Pt. 1″) – One of its pyramid teams won against the Caprica Buccaneers a few days before the fall (“Resistance”)
– 15 marines were sent to Aerilon once by President Adar for an unknown reason (“Water”)

People you might know:

– Gaius Balter
– Saul Tigh
– Socinus (has a tattoo of Aerilon’s flag)
– Allisander Assiel (Quorum member representing Aerilon)