Name: Aquaria
Ancient name: Aquarion
Nickname: ”The Ocean World”

Patron God: Hermes
Population: ± 25.000 (twenty-five thousand)
Capital: no capital city
Star system: Helios Delta

Other known locations:

– Heim (city)
– Geological Research Center
– Kyros (the only land mass on Aquaria where humans can live)

Main educational institutions:

– ?

Pyramid Teams: 

– Aquaria has no professional pyramid team

Aquarian Facts:

– It is the colony with the lowest population
– It is one of the more tolerant colonies
– Aquaria has only 1 major space ship, which is located at the Geological Research Center
– Other than oceans, Aquaria also has small parts of volcanic land mass.


– A lot of people still use its ancient name “Aquarion”
– creativity is important to Aquarians
– Aquaria is often visited by scientists who want to visit its oceans
– Other than your average cubits, Aquarians also trade by bargain
– Aquarians enjoy playing Kastaa, a game which resembles modern-day frisbeeing
– Battlestar Therion fought against the Cylons during the Fall of the 12 Colonies
– The Kyros Summerfest is one festival not a single colonial wants to miss out on

People you might know:

– Miksa Burian (Quorum member representing Aquaria)