virgonName: Virgon
Ancient name: Virgo
Alternative Name: /

Patron God: hestia
Population:  ± 4.300.000.000 (Four billion, three hundred million)
Capital: Boskirk
Star system: Helios Bèta

Other known locations:

– Blaustad (city)
– Hadrian (city)
– House of Parliament
– Tower of Virgon (landmark in Boskirk)
– Petrus Palace

Main educational institutions:

– Virgon Universities

Pyramid Teams: 

– Virgon United (?)
– Boskirk All Reds

Virgon Facts:

– Virgon has a lot of forests
– it is a wealthy colony
– prior to the Articles of Colonization, Virgon was a monarchy – the monarchy still exists after the Articles were in effect but more in a protocolary function
– Its parliament is one of the strongest of all colonies


– Virgon Brew is a Virgon beer brand (Source: Socrata Thrace’s apartment in “Maelstrom”)
– Virgon delegates to the Quorum of Twelve wear a light blue sash
– The Fleet’s flagship, the BS Atlantia, was in High Orbit over Virgon during the Cylon attacks. During a counter attack over the planet, the Atlantia was destroyed and Fleet Admiral Nagala was killed in action
– Virgon is the first colony to nominate Tom Zarek for the vice presidency

People you might know:

– Marshall Bagot (Quorum member representing Virgon)